How to put in a Stock Job Order in Styeline

This course will lead you through the steps of creating a Stock Job Order in Syteline. At the end of this course, you will be able to create a Stock Job Order on your own! 

Receive phone call/Email

Receiving Order

Production will give a call or send an email when they would like to release a Stock Job Order for the floor

Pick up the phone/read the email from production to determine the required order to be released. 

Open Job Order Screen in Syteline

Open up Syteline and navigate to the Job Order Screen

Have the information available from the email/phone call to enter the job order with. Speak with the CSR lead if Syteline will not allow you to navigate to the Job Order Screen. 

If Syteline won't open the Job Order window, you should:

  • Contact the CSR lead for advice
  • Try clicking around Syteline until it works
  • Just stare at the screen until it fixes itself

Create New MC and Enter Order Information

Create New MC

There is no need to create a new Estimate for Stock jobs. Just create a new MC. 

Enter Order Information

Enter in the due date, shipping information, customer notes, and any other pertinent information in order to make the job. 

Do you need to create an Estimate before the Order?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only if the inventory of that item has dropped to zero

Assemble the Job Packet


Attach any relevant drawings to the order as relevant. All preform orders must have drawings attached. 

Job Order

After verifying that all inputs into Syteline were correct, print the Job Order (MC) and attach to job. Will be on a yellow paper. 

ITAR Purple Sheet 

If the job is for ITAR purposes, attach a purple sheet in order to distinguish the job packet from non-ITAR jobs. This also helps track the job. 

Match the part of the job packet with the definition

  • ITAR part
    Purple part of packet which is only attached for Security and Defense parts.
  • Job Order
    Yellow part of the packet that is printed from Syteline

Verification of Order

  • You need to verify that the order was entered correctly before printing Job Order.
  • Always attach a drawing.

Place Packet in Job Shop Folder and you are DONE!

Congratulations on completing your Stock Job Order!

If you have any questions or comments on Order Entry in general, contact lead CSR.