Vertical 100 - CPG

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 100 level verticals


What are manufacturers focusing on building when they decide what products to manufacture

  • Promotion
  • Logistic
  • Brand Equity
  • Package

How do manufacturers invest in innovation?

  • Sub brands
  • New Brands
  • Product line extensions
  • All of above

What is the Key Factor to drive retailer business success?

  • Promotion type
  • Shelf management
  • Right product variety
  • Price image

Why do retailers promote?

  • Generate traffic
  • Increase sales / profit
  • Increase consumer loyalty
  • All of above

What are important consumer wants?

  • Good service
  • Convenience
  • Value for money
  • Food quality
  • All of above

What are the two typical demographics of today’s consumer?

  • Post 80’s
  • Ageing consumer
  • Smaller household
  • All of above

True or False

  • Manufacturers are focusing on brand market share while retailers are focusing on store/category growth, but their common goal is to win the consumers
  • Retailers try to influence the behaviors of two distinct groups through a push-pull strategy – Manufacturers and Consumers.

What are success factors for retailers?

  • Price, Plan, Planogram, Products
  • Products, Performance, Price, Place
  • Products, Price, Promotion, Place
  • Promotion, Place, People, Price

Why do retailers promote their products in a variety of ways?

  • Target key consumers
  • Generate traffic
  • Increase basket size
  • Build brand image
  • Drive consumer loyalty
  • Manufactures’ requirement
  • All of above

True or False

  • MNC retailers keep faster expansion and contribute nearly 70% of total FMCG sales, while the per store productivity from local retailers are stronger and lead the total sales growth.

Who are the top 3 retailers in the Chinese market?

  • Carrefour, Walmart, RT-Mart
  • Walmart, Wumei, CRV
  • Lianhua, Carrefour, Walmart
  • CRV, RT-Mart, Walmart

How do retailers get revenue stream from manufacturers?

  • Exchange sales data with manufacturers
  • Sell shelf space to manufacturers
  • Charge for promotion display stand
  • Direct mail promotion fee
  • All of above

What are the popular patterns in the modern Chinese retail market?

  • Smaller Modern Trade
  • Emerging channels
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile eco-system
  • All of above