Sample Questions for the Alfresco Certified Administrator (ACA501) test

This sample test is comprised of 10 questions, each one weights 10 points.

A passing score is 7 out of 10 questions answered correctly (70 points).

You will have 10 minutes to answer all 10 questions.

Please notice:

This sample test is provided to give you examples of questions that might be asked on the exam.

This sample does not contain questions that are on the certification exam.

This sample test does not provide a comprehensive coverage of the material that is on the certification exam.

To assist in the preparation to take the ACA exam

Which one of the following features is NOT supported on Alfresco Community version?

  • Share.
  • Enterprise Admin Console.
  • Outlook Integration.
  • Cloud Sync.
  • Admin Tools.

In order to configure Alfresco One to use LDAP server for authentication, which property should be specified to add a new authenticator?

  • ldap.settings
  • external.auth
  • authentication.chain
  • authentication.servers
  • ldap.ou

Which one of the following is a content store type provided by Alfresco?

  • Deleted Content Store.
  • Caching content store.
  • Content Exclusive Store

Which one of the following statements is true about user groups in Alfresco?

  • Must contain at least one user.
  • Can contain sub-groups.
  • Can be recursively nested.
  • Cannot be deleted if containing users

Which one of the following components is NOT required in a Repository to Repository replication ?

  • Replication Service Running on the source repository.
  • Replication Service running on the target repository.
  • Transfer service running on both the source and the target repository.
  • File System Transfer Receiver on the target repository.

After a node is deleted, how many days by default, is the node information kept in the repository before it is removed by the Node Service Clean Up Job?

  • For 14 days.
  • For 2 days
  • For 1 day
  • For 30 days

A user joins a site using Share UI without administrator intervention. By default, what role is assigned to the user?

  • Consumer.
  • Guest.
  • Manager.
  • Contributor.
  • Collaborator.

The database passwords associated with the Alfresco database has been changed. In which file should you change the database connection properties?

  • alfresco-database.xml

Which of the following are components of a NodeRef? Select three.

  • Transaction id
  • Version
  • Store id
  • URL
  • Model prefix
  • UUID
  • Protocol

Which of the following applications may be used to install AMP files?

  • alfresco.mmt.jar
  • amptool.jar