Basic Clerical Skills Exercise B

Basic Clerical Skills

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  • Be Punctual
    Arrive for work and return from lunch breaks on time.
  • Be Dependable
    If for any reason you cant come to work, notify your supervisor in plenty of time to secure a replacement.
  • Abide by Company Policies
    Follow the rules.
  • Show Initiative
    Take pride in your work. Many entry-level positions offer opportunities for advancement.
  • Be positive
    Maintain a good attitude about yourself and co-workers.
  • Dress Appropriately
    Wear clothing suitable to the job you'll be performing

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  • Being punctual means arriving on time to work.
  • You don't need to notify your supervisor if you're going late as longest you arrive.
  • Try to avoid working overtime.
  • If you're sick or can't come to work, telephone your supervisor in plenty of time to secure a replacement.

Define who is FAILING the guideline below.

  • Be Punctual

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Arrive for work and from lunch breaks on time.

What's an example of being positive?

  • Wear a smile to work everyday
  • Gossip with co-workers to help you fit in

What's an example of showing initiative?

  • Rearrange files to suit your personal needs
  • Suggest methods to improve productivity