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Site Information

Site Hours

Site Hours

The Bradford Bulls Site requires Security Guards to man the site out of normal opening hours.

The hours of cover required are;

Nights: Monday - Sunday 18:00 - 06:00

Days: Saturday & Sunday 06:00 - 18:00

New Security Guards are expected to attend a one off Site Familiarisation Session lasting up to 1 hour before their first shift. This means you must attend 1 hour prior to your schedule shift time.

All guards must perform a 20 minute handover when a guard starts each and every shift in line with Shift Handover as described later in this induction. 

Site Address

Site Address

Odsal Stadium

Rooley Avenue



Site Map

Site Map

Here we have an arial blueprint of the site. The Entire site has 60+ points that must be covered during the initial lockdown of the site, these will be detailed within your Site Familiarisation.

Role & Responsibility Summary

Role & Responsibility

Our primary role is to prevent unauthorised access and Secure the Grounds.

This is managed by;

  • Monitoring the Site Signing In process.
  • Locking down the site and opening up as per Site Familiarisation.
  • Monitor CCTV.
  • Activate and Monitor Alarms where applicable.
  • Perform Regular patrols (Hourly is Advised).
  • Reporting all incidents, occurrences and hazards as per the site Security Logbook.

Contact Information

Contact Information

In the event of an incident where you need assistance or advice in order to carry out your duties, a contact sheet is provided within the Assignment Instructions in the site Security Logbook.

You may need to contact site staff or Securicore UK in the event of and incident, occurrence or emergency procedures. It is important to read the Security Logbook thoroughly, paying special attention to the Assignment Instructions. This may answer many questions in advance.

Officer Station

Officer Station

The security officer will be based from the Security Office whilst not on duty. There are facilities in this location for the Guard, including a warm dry base, toilets and a kitchen with microwave & kettle.

Previous Incidents

Previous Incidents

With the last 12 months there have been three break ins at the site, from which we have identified Weak spots where access is gained and Hot Spots which are being targeted.

Weak Points

Weak Spots

Areas of the site to be aware of as they are more susceptible to exploit.

  • Gate 6: Exploited previosly
  • Top of gates: easy to climb
  • Fence line between overspill gates: Fence has been bent out of shape allowing for easier access.
  • Pedestrian Gate: Large gap under the gate.

Hotspots for Special Concern

Hot Spots

Areas to be aware of for Special Concern are;

  • Counting House: Especially after a match
  • Main Office: Contains items of Value
  • Southbank: Contains items of Value throughout
  • Touchdown bar.
  • Marquee Bar: Occasionally will be stocked
  • Offices: Items of Value

Uniform, Equipment & PPE



The uniform required for this site is Black and Whites as defined in your Company Induction.

This being;

Black Shoes or Boots & Dark Socks.

Black Trousers.

White Shirt.

Black Clip on Tie.

Your uniform must comply with our company policy. It is advised you are familiar with this, as your uniform will be assessed as part of our internal audits.

You must provide and maintain your own uniform.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE will be supplied by Securicore UK. This consists of;

Hi Visability Coat

Hi Visability Branded vest.

You must wear the company branded PPE at all times. Indoors this can be worn over your uniform, outdoors (weather dependant) this should be work over your Hi-Vis Coat.

PPE is deemed part of your uniform, and is owned by Securicore UK. These too will be assessed as part of our Internal Audit Inspections.

Coats and Vests are stored in the Security Office. 



The equipment you will need at minimum onsite consists of;

Fully Charged high beam Torch with Spare Battery & Charger.

Notebook & Pen.

Any Food or mediation required throughout your shift.

Any other items deemed as necessary in order to carry out your duties.

A high beam torch is provide by the client in the Security Officer, however it is advisable to carry a spare in case of it not being available or faulty/discharged.


Shift Handover

Shift Handover.

When commencing your shift, there are three main topics to discuss with the person from whom you are taking over. These are

Events & Person(s) onsite.

Details of any events happening during your shift, so as to have an indication of who to expect.

Anyone arriving at the site unexpected must be confronted and verified.

Identify the location of any persons that remain onsite and there expected departure.

Ensure the site remains secure whilst there is sill staff/visitors onsite.


Question whether there were any incidents that have happened on site throughout the prior shift, this may give you vital insight and intelligence into potential incidents through your shift.

This information may be vital if you are needed to liaise with a third party i.e Emergency Services, Securicore UK Officers etc.

Special Instruction

Ask if there is anything else you may need to know in respect to the duties and responsibilities your are required to perform.

It maybe that there aren't any, but you must ensure open communication is maintained so you know when to open the site, any contractors that may require access or any other Special Instruction that would not be part of your normal duties.

Site Signing in/out

Site Signing in/out Register

All visitors and staff are required to sign in and out of the site. This includes the duty Security Officer(s) and/or representatives of Securicore UK. Securicore UK staff MUST also sign in on the Security Logbook.

It is the responsibility of the guard to ensure this happens unless advised otherwise. If advised otherwise, this is to be noted in the Occurrence Log.

The Signing in register in located in the entrance to the Security Office.

Key(s) & Key Safe

Key(s) & Keysafe

The key safe(s) are located within the Security Office. You will be given details of which keys are required in order to carry out your duties. There are a number of keys for various parts of the site, you will be required to note which keys are need by whom, when and where. This information will be provided on you Site Familiarisation Induction.

Site Lock Down

Site Lock Down

Once completing the shift handover, the first task is to lock down the site immediately, considering and instruction given to you during the Shift Handover.

It is important when locking facilities to ensure the premises are empty, and must remain sterile whilst you conduct your sweep, so that person(s) cannot enter areas you have already checked, thus trapping them in the building.

Ensure to turn lights off as you sweep each area, noting any instances that may need to be noted in the Occurrence Log, for example a window that may be locked in the open position.

Securicore UK have an agreed patrol route with the client, which is detailed further in this induction. It is a part of our contract that each area is checked and locked in the order provided.

A full site patrol should be conducted immediately after the Lockdown.

The areas to be locked are;

  1. Gate 5 (Pedestrian Gate)
  2. Southbank Stand
  3. Gate 13
  4. Pavillion Bar
  5. Gate E
  6. Gate 5a
  7. Yellow Gate
  8. Gate 4.

This may vary from day to day, dependant on the events held onsite. This will be communicated to you at the Site Familiarisation.

Lock down can be conducted in a vehicle, car must be given and site speed restrictions must be adhered to.

Opening Procedure

Opening Procedure

The opening Procedure will vary dependant on the Day and any events to be held.

Monday - Friday: Unlock Yellow Gate and Gate 4 at 05:30 for the arrival of the Next shift. The day shift will open the remainder of the ground.

Saturday: Unlock Yellow Gate, Gate 4 and Pedestrian Gate at 09:00 for the shop.

Sunday: Unlock Yellow and Gate 4 OR Pedestrian Gate for the Shift change. This will vary dependant on how the next guard will arrive.

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

We are awaiting instruction from the client on the operation and instruction in respect to site CCTV System.

Alarm Monitoring & Operation

Alarm Monitoring and Activation

There are five areas of the site which are alarmed. These are;

  1. Southbank Stand.
  2. Pavillion.
  3. Touchdown Bar.
  4. Bunker.
  5. Safety Box.

We are awaiting further details from the Client on the location and operation of the Alarm Systems.

Full Patrol

Full Patrol

A Full patrol must be conducted immediately after Site Lockdown each day to ensure the integrity of the outer perimeter.

It is the responsibility of each guard to ensure the site is secure, it should not be relyed upon that the previous shift has undertaken a Full Patrol. A Full Patrol must be undertaken even when there has been no staff or visitors onsite since the last check.

We have agreed a 60+ point Full Site patrol to verify there are no areas left unsecured. This will be shown to you during your Site Familiarisation, they are summarised below;

Upper Concourse

  • Gate 5 (Pedestrian Gate)
  • Southbank Fire Exit x5
  • South Bank Shutters x2
  • Flood Light Control Box
  • Changing Room Door
  • Tunnel
  • Orange Container Lock
  • Gate A

  • Gate 1
  • Overspill Gates x2
  • Gate 13
  • Pavillion Doors & Windows x4
  • Disabled, Mens & Womens Toilets x2
  • Shop
  • First Aid

  • Gate E
  • Gate 10 & Turnstiles
  • Gate 9 & Turnstiles
  • Gate 8 & Turnstiles
  • Gate 7
  • Gate 6 & Turnstiles

  • Gate D

  • Ramp Gate

Lower Concourse

  • Touchdown Bar
  • Bulls Foundation Office
  • Check point 3

  • Check point 4
  • Check point 5
  • Check point 6

  • Check point 7
  • Check point 8
  • Check point 9

Offices and Car Park

  • Main Office
  • Security Office
  • Ticket Office

  • Staff Entrance
  • Gate B
  • Gate C

  • Check point 7
  • Check point 8
  • Check point 9



There are a number of reports that must be completed for varying circumstances. These can be viewed in the Security Logbook which are self explanatory and will be shown to you on your Site Familiarisation.

Reports are a vital part of our role at the site, for which Securicore UK are measured upon. The recording of site incidents is a Key Performance Indicator which we use in order to measure the performance of each Guard.

Southbank Assistance

Southbank Assistance

The Southbank has events on from Time to Time for which, Security staff are employed.

Part of the Security Role is to provide assistance where necessary to the Security Staff in the event of a query or incident. Security staff must also ensure they sign in as with all visitors, if the are employed by Securicore UK, they must also sign the Security Logbook.

Security Logbook

Signing In Sheets

Assignment Instructions

Incident Reports

Hazard Log

Key Log

Vehicle Log

Occurrence Log

Company Policies and Procedures



Lateness, Sickness and Absence

Holiday Leave

Site Audits (Internal Audits)