Event Marketing Rep Training 101

This course will cover the basic's of the Event Rep Position, including a overview of the job and the necessary documents to preform your job. This course will also teach you about the company and the products you will be marketing. You will also be introduced to the different types of events you will be working and be given a  overview of the procedures for working events.

Job Overview

What is your job?

Dress Code

Payroll & Lead Reporting

When are payroll information and leads due?

When will you receive commission on a lead?

Where should can you find Lead Sheets and Brochures?


How much notice should be given for time off requests?

What is the first thing you should do if you have a question regarding a event?

Company and Product Overview

The Company

How long had Bath Fitter been in business?

How many Bath Fitter locations are in North America?

Product Overview and Highlights

General Product Information

Bath Fitter can provide a wide range of accessories and safety features.

Installation Types

Which of these are true about Bath Fitter products?

Which installation option would you want to promote at a senior event?

What is the thickness of a Bath Fitter wall?

We can place a liner over any type of tub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bath Fitter can not install a wall around a window.

Bath Fitter products MUST be installed by a Bath Fitter installer.

Where are the Bath Fitter manufacturing facilitates located?

We install therapeutic tubs.

Events Overview

Display Types

Working the Event

What is the key to making sure events are successful in the future?

How long before the start of a event should you arrive?

General Show Etiquette

Where should personal items and drinks be stored?

Where in the booth should you stand?