Password Management using LastPass

In today's technology-driven and online world, you are required to have credentials for almost each and every site.  It doesn't matter if it is for work, home, school, or play- you need a password!

One solution is to use LastPass as your personal password management tool.  The tool has many features and functionalities that will help you get control over managing your passwords.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

Installing LastPass

Installing LastPass

Q1: Installing LastPass

Q2: Installing LastPass

LastPass Features

Simplify your life!


LastPass Vault

Q1: Features

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Share Passwords
I want to allow my spouse to use passwords for my favorite sites.
Secure Vault
I want strong passwords for my sites but I don't want the headache to create or remember my site passwords.
Autofill Passwords
I want my passwords to be automatically entered into every website I visit.
Generate Random Passwords
I want to have a centralized database where all my passwords, notes, profiles, and sites are securely stored.

Q2: Features

Create a LastPass Site

Saving sites and passwords to browsers versus to LastPass

Q1: Sites

Q2: Save to browser versus save to LastPass