Gondola Ops Test


When I'm at work, it's okay to play with my iphone.

Match a term with a correct description

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
One long signal
It means the Gondola is to be slowed e.g. for wheelchairs, high winds, loading freight
Two signals
It means the Gondola is about to speed up
Two signals followed by one long bell
It means pick up the hotline or mountain phone
Three signals
It means the Gondola is about to start

True or False? Every ticket on every person riding the gondola must be checked. No exceptions!

Find and click 3 things on the picture: a yellow cabin, a tower, an orange cabin

Second Section - Test

Untitled single choice question

What colour are the cabins?

  • Yellow
  • Red

Why do you want to work for Gondola Ops? Please explain in your own words