Be able to use the tools to perform analysis and properly explore Scantrack information, understanding:


What is Scantrack?

When to use it?


Scantrack: Advantages vs Retail Index

  • Compatibilized calendar lets you flag the trend for the next period of the Retail Index
  • Client can begin to take corrective action to at least 03 weeks in advance of the Retail results
  • But, consider methodological differences:
    • Census Data vs Sample
    • Scantrack coverage on the market


Scantrack: Advantages for Modelling

  • Information at level item/week/store allows more accurate and robust modelling (vs Retail Index)

Productive Flow


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Q1 - Which channels does Scantrack cover?

  • Down the trade
  • Modern Trade
  • Independent Pharmas
  • Chain Pharmas
  • Cash&Carry

Q2 - Scantrack Benefits: True or False

  • Scantrack is the common language between manufacturer and retailers
  • Scantrack has detailed information so it is more indicated than Retail Index as a souce of data for modeling studies
  • Scantrack can replace Retail Index if the client has a smaller budget, because both solutions provide the same complete vision of the market
  • People who work with Category Management benefit a lot from Scantrack
  • Scantrack allows clients to the take corrective action faster, with results available at least 5 weeks in advance of Retail Index

Q3 - In the productive flow, which Nielsen area receives the data from the chains?

  • Stat Ops
  • Data Control
  • Reference Data
  • Client Services
  • Input Validation



Confidentiality Criteria

Classification: Socioeconomic Levels

Classification: Hyper, Super and Neighbourhood

Classification: Cash&Carry


Q4 - Choose the best option to complete the sentence

Markets will only be created when there are at least participating retailer chains an none of them represents more than of the market revenue

Q5 - Choose the best option to complete the sentence

By Scantrack definition, Super are stores with total sales between and 


PRODUCTS: Level of Detail

PERIODS: Calendar

PERIODS: Scan Express

Q6 - Mark True or False regarding Scantrack Express:

  • The delay is 9 days
  • Nielsen estimates stores that don't send the data on time
  • Scantrack Express reports market share, price and distribution
  • There may be diferences if you compare the same data on Scantrack Regular and Scantrack Express


Summary of Facts



Sales Example


Numerical Distribution

Weighted Distribution



TPR Parameters

TPR Parameters

TPR Step by Step

Q7 - How many weeks do we analyze to determine if TPR happened?

  • 7
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

Q8 - When analyzing the historical price series to define TPR we choose:

  • the 3rd highest price
  • the 2nd highest price
  • the last price
  • the 3rd lowest price
  • the 2nd lowest price

Q9 - Set the steps in the correct order to calculate TPR

  • MsCi team defines a parameter for each category
  • We analyze historical data from 8 previous weeks
  • We choose the 3rd highest price
  • We discount the parameter from the price
  • We compare the current price with the discounted price


Quality Controls

Horizontal Control

Price Adjustments

Stores absence Policy

New stores quarantine