DNA Buccal Swab Collection Kit Instructions

This presentation will provide information about the collection of DNA for submission to the Texas Department of Public Safety CODIS Program. Topics include: Training, Obtaining Kits, Determination of Applicability, and Reasons for Sample Rejection.

Determination of Applicability: Who is required to submit a DNA sample?

Government Code Ch 411

DNA Collection Procedures


Kit Components List

Each Buccal Swab Collection Kit contains the following components:

- One (1) DNA Database information card (LAB-13R)

- One (1) ink strip for thumb printing

- One (1) pair of disposable gloves

- Two (2) sterile wrapped mouth swabs

- One (1) swab storage envelope

- One (1) kit shipping seal

- One (1) postage-paid shipping envelope

- One (1) instruction sheet

Kit Components

DNA Database Information Card

Buccal Swab Storage Envelopes

Reasons for Sample Rejection


Quality fingerprints are extremely important!

In order to ensure that all demographic information about the person is correct (as compared to aliases, false identities, etc.), the fingerprints collected during DNA sampling are compared with the fingerprints on file in the Crime Records department at TX DPS. 

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The fingerprints are compared with the crime record associated with the SID # and/or name/DOB listed on the DNA datacard. Therefore, it is extremely important that the name, DOB, SID # and fingerprints are all as accurate as possible so that the identity of the offender and their DNA can be confirmed. 

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A DNA profile cannot be entered into the database if the identity of who the sample belongs to is unknown.

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Here are examples of poor prints. 

If you press too hard, the print will be smudged and you will not be able to see the fingerprint ridges. Please note that a wet print can occur if the offender has recently applied lotion.

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If the prints look poor, you may print the offender again.  You may put as many fingerprints as needed on the back of the card. You can print palm prints as well. If there is a reason that the offender’s prints are poor, please write it on the card; e.g., psoriasis.

Filling out all required fields (BLANK)

Use of a CODIS kit (BLANK)

Kit Seal Issues (BLANK)

Obtaining DNA Sample Collection Kits

How to Order

The DNA sample collection kits can be obtained through the Texas Department of Public Safety CODIS Laboratory. The CODIS Buccal Swab Collection Kit Order Form is included here for download. You may send the form using the following:

Fax: 512-424-2386
Email: [email protected]
Mail:  Texas Department of Public Safety,
            Crime Lab - CODIS MSC 0461,
            PO BOX 4143
            Austin, TX 78765-4143

You may also order kits by contacting the CODIS Interagency Liaison via phone at 512-424-2387

Please note these kits are only for the purpose of collection of offender samples under this statute and not to be used for suspect sample collections in a criminal case.

Kit Order Form

CODIS Buccal Swab Collection Kit Order Form

Additional Documents and Resources

Training Video

CODIS DNA Procedural Guidelines


Kit Order Form

CODIS Buccal Swab Collection Kit Order Form