Jon Wilson L&D Advisor

During this course you will find out all about why Jon Wilson would like the opportunity to apply for the Learning Advisor Role within Pure Gym.  I hope you enjoy this learning experience!



Why I think I would make a good learning advisor

Pure Gym & ETM Workshops!

Please watch the below scenario and let me know if you think I have a good reason to apply for the role of Learning Advisor!

Why is L&D so important?

I believe L&D to be hugely important to the business because it's the area in which you can help people grow together, with employee's growth intertwined within the culture of the business in which they work.

People love to learn and by empowering people with knowledge gives confidence to those that have been through their learning experience to do a great job.

The pay off for the business in improved profitability, increased trust, reduced risk and culture that is embedded in what we do.  If we manage behaviours by teaching people the "how" we can incorporate the "why" and instill enhanced behaviour and ethusiasm for the tasks that require completed.

Inter Personal skills are also hugely important, this is because some people within the workplace do not work efficiently, so courses and content that teach life skills within a workplace environment can really enhance a person's productivity at work and at home.

Business Performance Year to Date:

  • Successful Club Opening with an excess of 4000 members
  • Live Member count of 7300 members within 8 months of club opening
  • Consistently great NPS scores >50%
  • Personal Training recruitment >16 PT on site
  • EBITDA + £316'839 to budget

I strongly believe that in order to get the best from learners you need to demonstrate that:

  • To Talk the Talk you have to........
    Walk The Walk
  • To Look Great at Parties you have to
    Wear THE BEST pair of Louboutins you can find!

Knowledge Check

Aberdeen Kittybrewster is currently sitting:

  • + £316'839 to EBITDA Budget
  • -£316'839 to EBITDA Budget
  • Somewhere in the North of Scotland

NPS is one of the most important indicators of how healthy our business is?

  • True or False?

The AGM of Aberdeen Kittybrewster is:


Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to improve your knowledge on why I am interested in the Learning Advisor post.


My CV is available to download by clicking here: