Pharmacy Professional Services

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Flu Shots

STEP 1 - Patient fills out DOUBLE SIDED consent form.  NOTE: There is a special consent form for flu shots

STEP 2 - Once the paperwork is completed it is handed to the injector.  It should not be placed anywhere but in the hands of the injector to avoid mixup and injections given to wrong patients

STEP 3 - The paperwork is review for completeness (EG. Patient information, health card, family doctor, patient signature and date)

STEP 4 - The vaccine is drawn up as guidelines.  Vaccines should be prepared out of patient site and all supplies are to be kept out of the counselling room.  Any supplies you need should be placed on the metal tray and brought into the room

STEP 5 - After vaccine administration the back of the form should be completed by the injecting pharmacist.  The documented on the front of the form should also be completed and signed by the injector

STEP 6 - The completed form should be faxed before day's end to the family doctor.  Physician should be notified within 48 hours after their patient has received an injection

STEP 7 - Forms that have been faxed and ready for billing should be placed in the RED "Flu shots to bill folder".  No other forms are to be placed in this folder (Uncompleted forms, unfazed, or other types of injection

STEP 8 - Forms can be scanned as they are billed OR a hardcopy of a billed short affixed to the front of the consent form can bee batch scanned into Kroll.  (If batch scanning you need to select double sided scanning)

Where do completed Twinrix injection Forms Go?

  • In the RED fold marked "Flu shots to scan"
  • In the DOCUMENTS TO CAN file folder holder at drop off

When MUST we notify the doctor by fax that an injection has been given?

  • As soon as we can
  • The same day
  • Within 48 hours

Choose which situations (if any) where flu shot should be billed before it is administered

  • When the pharmacy is well staffed and no running behind
  • When the patient is in a rush
  • When we don't have a line up and have time to do it

Who's role is it to complete the injection notification portion of the form?

  • The employee who bills the flushot
  • The employee who faxes the doctor
  • The employee who administers the injection