Sales Process

Panel Built Sales Process

Learn the musts of the Panel Built Sales process.

1. Initial Call or Email - ALWAYS put call and email inquiries in as a lead. The same lead can be put in if it is from a different source.

  • Get full contact info
    • Name, Phone, Email, Company, Location
    • End User Company and Zip Code


  • Always ask the purpose of the project.
    • Examples: Expansion, Relocation, Replacement, New Construction
  • Scope and Specifications
    • Turn-Key or Material Only?
    • Permitting?

2. Send Proposal

  • Explain any un-ordinary designs, materials, or considerations in the body of the email
  • Follow email with a call 10-15 minutes later (let them know you will do this in your email)
  • Answer any questions, walk them through it if possible
  • Ask what the next step is
    • Who is making the ultimate buying decision?
  • Make a follow up date in Filemaker

3. Revisions - Go back to Step 2

4.  Intermediate Follow Up

  • Before the follow update agreed on in step 2, send an email with additional info and offer to answer any questions or make changes. Send:
  • Case Studies
  • Financing Info and Options
  • Info Sheets
  • Pictures and Videos


5. Follow Up

  • CALL on follow up date
  • Ask where the project is in their process
  • Offer additional information/services
  • Ask if the person making the buying decision can be on the next call. Set a date for that call.


6. Closing

  • Ask what it will take to earn their business.
    • If it’s special discount, terms, etc…ask Dave!
  • Remember we are flexible.
  • Understand their main concern, and set it at ease.
  • If things get serious on a big/complicated project – don’t hesitate to set up a conference call and/or webinar. We can get Dave, Josh, Shane, and whoever else we need to sit in and help if that will close the deal! 

It is OK to just email on the follow up date.

  • True
  • False

What is a Possible Project Purpose?

  • Expansion
  • Relocation
  • Replacement
  • New Construction
  • All of the Above

You just received a lead. When should you put it in the system?

  • The next day.
  • As soon as Possible

What Options are available to send with the Intermediate Follow Up?

  • Case Studies
  • Financing Options
  • Info Sheets
  • Pictures and Video
  • All of the Above

Do you need to ask about permitting during the sales process?

  • Yes
  • No, it can wait until after the receiving a signed Purchase Order.

You should ask if the person making the buying decision can be on the next call.

  • True
  • False

Who should you ask about special discounts or terms?

  • Obama
  • Siri
  • Dave Arnold
  • Look within yourself.

You should not call after emailing the proposal.

  • False
  • True

When should you put a call or email in as a lead?

  • Only when they ask for something specific that is our product.

Creating a Lead

Entering a Lead in Filemaker

  • Go to Filemaker or Open Database on your Desktop
  • Go to Window and click on Quote Log Number
  • Perform find on Quote Log Number page
  • Enter Information gleaned from source in either End User or Dealer Field
  • If not a duplicate, click New Record
  • A lead number is generated
  • Enter in all gathered information. Remember to get as much as you can during first correspondence. 
  • Enter the Lead Type, Lead From, and Geography. This is important data to help our marketing efforts.
  • In the Activity Box, enter date, and enter how lead was received and initial
  • Designate the Salesperson

Match the Steps to the Order They are to be Done

  • 1
    Window and click on Quote Log Number
  • 2
    Check to see if dealer or end user is already in the system
  • 3
    Create a New Record
  • 4
    Enter all Information

What Filemaker Fields Help our Marketing Efforts?

  • Geography
  • Lead From
  • Salesperson
  • Lead Type

A Potential Dealer is not in the System. You should put the Lead Type as Dealer.

  • True
  • False

Creating  a New RFQ

  • Fill out an RFQ form Like the one above. The Proposal number will be the same as the lead number.
  • Take the RFQ to the front office printer and place in the scan location.
  • Select Main Menu
  • Select Scan and Send
  • Select you email address
  • Press the green start button
  • Go the the Public Drive
  • Double Click on PBI Quotes
  • Go to QXXXXX for whichever proposal # was generated in Filemaker
  • Once there, click on "New Folder" at the top
  • Right click then select "Copy" the "Paste"
  • Click on "New Folder-Copy" and right click to rename
  • Rename as QXXXXXX - "Dealer or End User name"
  • Drag and Drop RFQ from email and add it to the created folder
  • Rename the RFQ as the Quote number
  • Return to Filemaker and go to "Window" then "Quote Drawing Status"
  • Click into "Drawing Required"
  • Add Lead Number and intial
  • Once it has moved into the "Drawing Complete" box, the drawing will be saved as a PDF in the quote folder, and is ready for your review. 

Creating a New Folder

Where do you save RFQs?

  • PBI Jobs then create a job folder
  • PBI Quotes then create a quote folder

What must you do after entering the quote number and your initial in the Quote Drawing Box?

You must