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Quality Management Systems & Procedures, Process Control Activity, Leather Manufacturing

1) IATF 16949 is a global quality system standard that requires each plant to go through;

  • a. Certification Audit, Surveillance 1, Surveillance 2, Surveillance 3, Recertification Audit
  • b. Certification Audit, Surveillance 1, Recertification Audit
  • c. Certification Audit, Recertification Audit
  • d. Certification Audit, Surveillance 1, Surveillance 2, Recertification Audit

2) The MAIN purpose of IATF 16949 is to:

  • Satisfy the customers’ requirements
  • Eliminate QS9000
  • Provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and variation reduction
  • Marketing tool used to acquire new business

3) How does ISO 14001 differ from IATF 16949?

  • It is a regional difference—OEMs in different regions have a different set of requirements
  • Environmental focus versus Quality Management focus
  • ISO 140001 certification is required to ship internationally
  • Nothing, IATF 16949 replaced ISO 14001

4) Eagle Ottawa’s Global Quality Policy states;

  • a. Our #1 priority is meeting customer needs. We will deliver defect-free products on time.
  • b. Through a strategy of continuous improvement and teamwork, Eagle Ottawa is dedicated to establishing the highest industry standards for quality, value, service and technology.
  • c. Eagle Ottawa’s greatest asset is its people.
  • d. To be consistently recognized by our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and the communities where we do business as a leader and the Company of first choice.

5) It is only the Quality Managers responsibility for IATF 16949 Audits.

  • Type your statement here...

6) What should be done during production if the defects produced are higher than the specified control limits on the control chart?

  • a. Continue production and document the defects
  • b. Stop the line and notify the Line Supervisor
  • c. Continue production while following the required actions specified on the control chart
  • d. Stop production and scrap all product

7) What is the purpose of a IATF 16949 audit at the Corporate Headquarters?

  • a. To certify Corporate Headquarters
  • b. To assure job functions are being performed as required
  • c. To assess the support and interaction with the production facilities

8) What system should be used to officially monitor a tannery supplier’s scorecard?

  • a. SBD
  • b. SQTS
  • c. LQTS
  • d. SQ1

9) What is a Management Review in the context of the Quality Management System?

  • a. An MOS Review
  • b. A review of the overall performance of the quality management system
  • c. An ISO 14001 requirement
  • d. Management’s review of Talking Points (performance evaluations)

10) Which ONE of these is incorrect? Nonconforming product found during production

  • a) Clearly Identified
  • b) Monitored through External PPM Charts
  • c) Segregated off of the line in properly identified areas
  • d) Dispositioned for Scrap or Rework
  • e) Monitored through Internal PPM charts