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Before we begin.


“Please answer every question throughout this training and fill out all of the survey questions before submitting results. If we don’t receive all of your answers, we will be unable to place you with a mentor.”

Video 1: Course Introduction, Kidney failure & treatment options (5:26)

Please watch this short video and answer a few question about it at the end.  

How many people are waiting for a kidney transplant in the US?

  • There is no wait time.
  • Nearly 100 thousand (81% of people waiting for a transplant need a kidney).

The wait time for a deceased kidney transplant is growing?

  • True
  • False

Can a person live if their kidneys fail?

  • No, without working kidneys a person cannot live more than 5 years.
  • A patient’s life can be extended with dialysis or transplant.
  • Yes, there are several cures for kidney failure.

What is the difference between deceased and living donation?

  • A living donor transplant can be scheduled.
  • A living donor transplant generally lasts longer than a deceased donor transplant.
  • Both a and b.

Video 2: Donor risks, Recipient & donor testimonials, Types of living donors, Exchange donation, Financial planning (7:42)

What is a Directed Donation?

  • When a living donor donates to someone to whom they are biologically related.
  • When a living donor elects to become a donor for anyone off the waiting list without specifying to whom.
  • When a living donor donates to someone they have never met but who they specify as a recipient.
  • a and c

What is Exchange Donation?

  • An exchange can be between two donor-recipient pairs or in the form of a chain of donation exchanges that is started with a Non-directed Donor.
  • An exchange is done to provide the best possible match for a recipient.
  • By entering an exchange a patient is still active on the waitlist for a deceased donation.
  • All of the above.

You can receive compensation for your donation?

  • True
  • False

Video 3: Donate Life Northwest, The Erase the Wait program (5:10)

What is Erase the Wait?

  • A mentorship program for waitlisted kidney patients.
  • An education project about dialysis education.
  • A mentorship program for people considering becoming living donors.
  • All of the above

How can your mentor support you?

  • By providing you guidance to decide if kidney donation is the right choice for you.
  • Sharing their experience and how it has impacted their own life.
  • Explaining how the medical process will go.
  • Both A and B

Video 4: Last Steps (:36)

What do you hope to gain from having a mentor?

Where are you in the evaluation process to become a donor?

What questions do you have about being a living donor?

What kind of mentor do you want?

Please select as many as you want.

  • Living Donation Recipient
  • Directed-Donor
  • Non-directed Donor

Do you have any other preferences/considerations for your mentor?

What time of day works best for you to be in touch with your mentor?

Please select all that apply.

  • Weekdays evenings
  • Weekdays daytime
  • Weekends evenings
  • Weekends daytime

What is your preferred mode of communication?

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Either

What is best phone number to reach you?

Video 5: Thank you!

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