Classifier Bot



The course is to explain how Nshore is automated to a digitalized application using Classifier Bot based on a machine learning algorithm.

Nshore and the need to migrate :

What is Nshore?

Nshore is an internal application within Hitachi Consulting to log tickets for the Information Systems help desk.

After logging into the Nshore application, one needs to select 'Help-Desk' and click on 'Add New' to create a new ticket.

Problem Statement:

While logging Nshore tickets for various issues including IT, HR, Facility etc., user need to perform multiple steps/clicks to raise Nshore helpdesk ticket. User should have prior knowledge of groups / existing systems knowledge. User may select incorrect category and it leads to loss of time and increased hops.

What is a Classifier Bot?

Classifier BOT is a software Robot which will automatically assign the ticket to correct resolver group based on the issue description.

Navigation to the URL:


Expected benefit:

Below are the expected benefits of migrating to a classifier bot from Nshore:

  • Accurate classification of tickets

  • Zero resources provisioned for categorization

  • Reduced time in assigning ticket to right resolver group due to misclassification.

  • Flexible interface for delightful user experience

  • Increased user satisfaction and in-turn reduced costs for work force

  • Automate ticket assignment in one click


-Built with multiple model

-Pipelined to get more accurate classification.

-Speech to text Integration.