WEB 1700

Welcome to WEB 1700 - Introduction to Computers Course

File and Content Management

File and Content Management Video

What Does IPOS stand for?

  • Information Processing System
  • Input, Process, Output and Storage
  • Information, Process, Organizing System

Put in order of the smallest to the biggest.

  • KB
  • MB
  • GB
  • TB

Click on the picture of a CPU.

Explain which platform you prefer and why.

Untitled drag and drop text question

  • PowerPoint


PowerPoint Video

Match the following software names with the type of program.

  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Word
    Word Processor

True or False

  • A PowerPoint can have videos and audio added to them.
  • A PowerPoint cannot have videos and audio added to them.

Fill in the blank

is a presentation software. You can add . Google is Googles version of a presentation software.

Please explain what PowerPoint can do.

The following are presentation softwares

  • PowerPoint
  • Slides
  • Prezi
  • Excel