How to Create a Change Request using SAP Management of Change Module - MOC

This course is designed to help KCM employees use the SAP MOC module to manage change in their operations. According to procedure KCM LP35, all changes to various aspects of the organisations functions must be managed using the procedure. KCM has invested in SAP technology to manage all changes to operations, materials, procedures, e.t.c. It is therefore imperative that employees know how to use SAP MOC module in order for them to do the management of change process effectively. 

Take time and go through this course to understand how to use SAP MOC to do management of change process as governed by KCM LP35.

Creating a Change Request

Management of Change Procedure- KCM LP35

This procedure sets out the minimum requirements to ensure that all proposed changes (and potential effects) are subject to the appropriate level of review, analysis and evaluation prior to acceptance (or rejection) and subsequent implementation within the business.

The requirements ensure that the impacts from proposed changes are reviewed, acted upon and authorised by competent individuals. 

This procedure is mandatory and applies to all KCM operational or managed sites. 

Defining Change in KCM LP35

Change in this context is defined as 'Any change to the organisation, the sustainability management system, operations, activities, equipment or materials which could impact on sustainability issues/risks'.

Examples of relevant changes include: new or modified technology, equipment, facilities or the work environment; new or revised procedures, work practices, designs, specifications or standards; new or revised exposure thresholds; and changes to organisational structures and staffing, including the use of contractors.

Changes that require a Change Request

Relevant changes include: new or modified technology, equipment, facilities or the work environment; new or revised procedures, work practices, designs, projects, specifications or standards; new or revised exposure thresholds; changes to organisational structures and staffing, including the use of contractors

SAP MOC Module

KCM has leveraged technology to manage its MOC processes. To this effect, the process of creating a change request has been implemented and incoporated in this procedure to ensure ALL Change Requests are managed using SAP MOC module

Accessing the SAP MOC Module

To create a change request using SAP MOC Module, the user logs on to the SAP Portal with their mine number as user name and SAP Password provided.

The SAP Portal is located under useful links on the KCM Intranet under the following link:

Once you log in, click on the Tab labelled “MOC”

Entering the Key Details of a Change Request

When you click on the MOC tab, a search panel opens as shown in the screenshot below.

To begin creating a change request, click on the radio button labeled ‘Create change request’.

After you click on ‘create change request’ button, a pop up screen with the question “Do you want to create a new change request?” appears. See below screenshot showing this. 

Click on ‘Yes’ to proceed with creating a change request.

After you accept to create a change request, the following screen appears. Ensure to fill in all fields marked with an asterisk *. 


In the field 'Change Type' select the category under which your change request falls by clicking on the drop down menu inside the field. The drop down opens as shown in the screenshot below;

After you select the appropriate change type, fill in the following fields: Description, Equipment, Company code (1000), Plant and department.  Ensure to make use of the drop down input help where you’re not sure of the values required in the field.

Once all mandatory fields have been filled in, Click on Proceed to change request to go to the next stage

Entering the details of a change request

After clicking on Proceed to change request, the following screen appears;

Choose the duration option as temporary, permanent or incremental. Depending on the duration selected, you will now fill in the dates as applicable. 

Under the Change definition Section, You can now proceed to fill in all the mandatory fields with free text as applicable. Fill in the Details of pre-feasibility study, Details of Change, Reasins for change, e.t.c.


Sustainability Considerations

Depending on the nature of the change that you are proposing, you are required to fill in the applicable aspects of sustainability in the panels below. Open the applicable change definition and answer the questions that are listed below with regards to the change request you are proposing. Choose as many  aspects as are applicable to your change request.

When you open the panel, say for plant equipment by clicking on the window like panel on the far right, the below question list opens. select yes or no for each question as applicable. where you need to provide more information, attach a document at the end of the change request to furnish more details. See next section on how to attach a document.

Submitting the Change Request

If you need to attach any document, e.g. a drawing depicting the proposed changes, you can add the attachment by clicking on browse and then selecting the document you want to attach from the drive where it is located.


Once you select the document to attach, click on open and the document gets attached as below;

After attaching the document, you can click on ‘Submit and Save

When you click on submit and save, a pop up message comes asking if you want to save. Click on yes!