Surgical Safety Checklist

Welcome to the WHO Safety Checklist!

Did you know that the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist has been tested world wide and has been shown to significantly improve peri-operative mortality and complication rates?  The Surgical Safety Checklist was introduced at our hospital in 2009 but the uptake rate has been low.

Take the time now to do this course and you and your team will assist us to improve peri-operative safety for our patients. 


Course Information

Meet the Teacher


My name is Dr Meredith Betts. I am currently an Anaesthetic Fellow at our hospital and have spent the last six years involved in peri-operative anaesthetic care. I was a general practitioner for 10 years in a regional area of New South Wales in a previous life. I have an interest in peri-operative safety and in developing my skills in delivering flexible medical education. Thank you for participating in this course and helping improve hospital safety and helping to teach me by teaching you. 






Course Information

Successful completion of the course requires completion of the following elements. 

1. A slide presentation

2. Four multiple choice questions

There is also a discussion forum link and a feedback link. 

In the forum I would like to hear about your experiences with the Surgical Safety Checklist and get your opinions on the obstacles to performing the checklist. What do you think can be done to remove these obstacles?

Please also complete the short feedback survey so that I can design better courses.

Course completion

How do I complete the course?

Completion of the course requires:

1. Viewing the slide presentation

2. Successfully completing the quiz

3. Participating in the online forum.

4. Completing the feedback survey.

How do I know I have completed the course?

When the four components are completed you will be sent an email containing the completion of course certificate with the code for your CPD program.



Questions or enquiries about the course can be emailed to the course teacher. She is available at the hospital from 9 -5pm via the switchboard. 

Course Resources


Slide Presentation


Match the part of the checklist with the parts of the surgery


When do the surgeon, anaesthesia professional and nurse verbally confirm patient, site and procedure?

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When is the anaesthetic safety list completed?

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When does the nurse confirm with the team that instrument, sponge and needle counts are correct or not?

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Right or wrong?

Well done  if you have all the questions correct. If not, read the checklist again and repeat the questions until you get them all correct. 

Discussion board

Discussion Board

Please enter your experiences and thoughts about obstacles to performing the Surgical Safety Checklist. Please read my welcome post.


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