Team Building in the Workplace Module

At the completion of this training session, the trainee will be able to gain an understanding of Team-Building through: 1) describing the 5 team development steps 2) gaining an understanding of the types of non-verbal communication & team impact

Good Morning/Afternoon, My name is Jordan Latreille and today we will be working on building an effective team within a Human Resource Management capacity.

Today we will be reviewing what Team Building is, go over and become confident in the 5 team development steps and gain an understanding of the types of non-verbal communication as well as how they impact a team environment as a whole.

Evaluation: At the end of this training session you will complete -Multiple Choice test for the steps of team development -"Fill in the blank" of non-verbal communication via your computer/cellular device

What is Team Building?

5 steps of Team Development

Types of Non-verbal Communication

Types of Non-verbal communication


Which of the following is NOT one of the five steps of team development?

Which term is defined as "Establish processes and structures, as well as build trust and good relationships between team members?"

Types of non-verbal communication fill-in-the-blank