Test Course

This course is created to test the Easy Generator Learning Arcitecture System

Basic Pages & Layouts

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Quiz Styles

Easy to create 10 styles of quizzes.

Single Choice - Which of the following statements is an example of an open ended probing question

  • Did you enjoy that responsibility?
  • How did that responsibility make you feel?

Multiple choice - How would you classify the below probing question?

  • Put your answer option here
  • Put your answer option here

Single choice Image- Which image that represents an appropriate dress code choice?

True or False-  The following an example of an open ended probing question?

  • Type your statement here...
  • Type your statement here...

Drag & Drop- Which of the following elements should you bring with you to your interview? Drag and drop your answers.

Ranking - Rank the strength of the below probing questions.

Fill in the blanks- Skirts must be no shorter then __________ Inches above the knee.

Matching- Match the employees name to their job title.

  • Define your key...
    Define your answer...
  • Define your key...
    Define your answer...

Open Question- Please provide any additional feedback or questions below.

Scenario question

Interactive Pages

Interactions are limited to hot spot images.

Screen Shot videos

Can not import would need to use another tool or just use static screen shots as PDF or jpeg with text or audio.


Can add pictures.

No asset library provided (in trial????)

Audio can easily be layered onto page from an existing file but cannot be recorded in the page. (can not be done in trail)

Upload formatting

HTML5 ability will allow creation of mobile content

SCORM compliant


Totally cloud based system. Allows for co Authors.