Vertical 100 - Finance

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 100 level verticals, Finance specifically.


Which following bank is one of the five major State-owned commercial banks? (Single Answer)以下哪家银行属于五大国有商业银行?(单选)

  • CCB中信银行
  • CMSB中国民生银行
  • BOB北京银行
  • CMBC招商银行
  • BOCOM交通银行

What factors does the “Second Transformation” of the commercial banks focus on? (Multiple Answers) 国内商业银行“二次转型”主要集中在哪几个方面?(多选)

  • Pursue differentiated business development strategy 追求差异化的业务发展战略
  • Speed up the business innovation 积极进行业务创新
  • Focus on improve the core-customers value 关注核心客户的价值提升
  • Focus on resource development business 聚焦资源发展核心业务
  • Promote fine management and operational improvement 推进精细化管理和运营提升

Which following innovations could be selected as Internet Finance of banking industry innovations? (Multiple Answers) 以下哪类创新可以归集为银行业的互联网金融创新?(多选)

  • Marketing Innovation 营销创新
  • Platform Innovation 平台创新
  • Channel Innovation 渠道创新
  • Data Innovation 数据创新
  • Object Innovation 对象创新

Which of the following indexes are the core indexes of banking industry? (Multiple Answers) 以下哪些指标属于在银行业的核心业务指标?(多选)

  • Total Customer Satisfaction 全行客户满意度
  • Total Asset 银行总资产
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction 内部客户满意度
  • Non-performing Loan Ratio 不良贷款率
  • Loan Spreads 贷款利差

Which bank is “the world’s most profitable bank”? (Single Answer) 以下哪个银行被誉为“全球最赚钱的银行”?(单选)

  • ABC 中国农业银行
  • ICBC 中国工商银行
  • BOC 中国银行
  • BOB 北京银行
  • CMBC 招商银行

Which bank is first time achieved the top 100 banks of the world in 2014, also reach the 77th in 2015? (Single Answer)哪家银行在2014年首次跻身全球银行业百强,并在2015年上升到第77位?(单选)

  • ABC中国农业银行
  • ICBC中国工商银行
  • BOC中国银行
  • BOB北京银行
  • CCB中国建设银行

Nielsen Performance Management solution could order what kinds of services to bank management sector? (Multiple Answers)Nielsen Performance Management解决方案中适用于银行综合管理板块的服务有? (多选)

  • Customer Satisfaction Research全行客户满意度研究
  • Employee Satisfaction Research员工满意度研究
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction内部客户满意度
  • Mystery Shopper Project神秘顾客
  • Contact Experience Research触点体验研究

From the Nielsen Finding Customer Solution side, what service could we bring to our customers in banking industry? (Multiple Answers)从尼尔森的解决方案看,Nielsen Finding Customer 能给银行行业客户提供的服务主要有:(多选)

  • Consumer Counting Project用户清算研究
  • Mystery Shopper Project神秘顾客合规调查
  • Commercial Testing广告片测试
  • Subdivide User Research用户细分研究
  • Subdivide Market and Customer Demand细分市场需求挖掘

Which of the following Nielsen Innovation solutions are suitable for Management Department of banking product innovation? (Multiple Answers)以下哪些Nielsen Innovation解决方案是适用于银行产品创新管理部?(多选)

  • Conception Idea Selection概念点子筛选
  • Conception Optimizer概念优化器
  • Conception Testing概念测试
  • Production Testing产品测试
  • Sales Volume Testing销量预测

Which of the following commercial insurances are property insurances? (Multiple Answers)常见的商业保险类型中,属于财产保险的有?(多选)

  • Liability Insurance责任险
  • Credit Insurance信用保险
  • Accident Insurance意外险
  • Critical Diseases Insurance重疾险
  • Auto Insurance车险

Which of the following indexes are the core indexes of insurance industry? (Multiple Answers)以下哪些指标属于在保险行业的核心业务指标?(多选)

  • Premium Income保费收入
  • Accident Frequency出险频度
  • Effective Underwriting Pieces有效承保件数
  • Repaying Ability偿还能力
  • Combined Ratio综合赔付率

Which is the first Internet insurance company in China? (Single Answer)我国第一家互联网保险公司是?(单选)

  • CCIC大地保险
  • YGBX阳光保险
  • ZHONGAN众安保险
  • TAIC天安保险
  • ABIC安邦保险

Which of the following insurance company's life insurance and property insurance developed "go hand in hand"? (Single Answer)以下哪家保险公司寿险、财险业务发展“齐头并进”?(单选)

  • CPIC太平洋保险
  • ZHONGAN众安保险
  • CHINA LIFE中国人寿
  • NCI新华保险
  • PICC中国人保

From the Nielsen Performance Management Solution side, which services can be provided to insurance company's sales sector? (Multiple Answers)Nielsen Performance Management解决方案能给保险行业客户提供的服务有:(多选)

  • Brand Health and Image Research品牌健康与形象研究
  • AAC
  • Concept Optimization概念优化
  • Product Satisfaction Research 产品满意度研究
  • Mystery Shopper Project神秘顾客研究

Which is the largest non-life insurance company in China? (Single Answer)我国国内最大的非寿险公司是?(单选)

  • CPIC太平洋保险
  • YGBX阳光保险
  • NCI新华保险
  • PICC中国人保
  • CHINA LIFE中国人寿

Which insurance company achieved the top in China Life Insurance premium income 2015? (Single Answers)2015年寿险保费收入排名第一保险公司是?(单选)

  • CPIC太平洋保险
  • YGBX阳光保险
  • NCI新华保险
  • PICC中国人保
  • CHIAN LIFE中国人寿

From Nelson Marketing Effectives Solution side, which services are suitable for insurance company's brand and marketing sector? (Multiple Answers)Nielsen Marketing Effectives解决方案中适应于保险公司品牌与营销板块的服务有?(多选)

  • Buzz
  • Advertising Monitoring广告监测
  • Ad Performance Assessment广告效果评估
  • DAR
  • Ad Creative NF Testing广告创意NF测试

Which is the largest commercial insurance group in China? (Single Answers)我国最大的商业保险集团是?(单选)

  • CPIC太平洋保险
  • YGBX阳光保险
  • NCI新华保险
  • PICC中国人保
  • CHINA LIFE中国人寿

Which of the following Nielsen Performance Management solutions are suitable for insurance company's sales sector? (Multiple Answers)Nielsen Performance Management解决方案中适用于保险行业销售板块的服务有?(多选)

  • Mystery Shopper Project神秘顾客研究
  • Channel Satisfaction / Experience渠道满意度/体验
  • QL Channel Support and Game Rules Research QL渠道支持与游戏规则研究
  • Product Testing产品测试
  • Concept Testing概念测试

From Nelson Consumerization Solution side, which services can be provided to customers in insurance industry? (Multiple Answers)Nielsen Consumerization 解决方案能给保险行业客户提供的服务主要有:(多选)

  • Market Segmentation Research 市场细分研究
  • Media Exposure Habits Research 媒体接触习惯研究
  • NU TOPSALES Course NU topsales 课程
  • Product Satisfaction Research 产品满意度研究
  • Behavior and Attitude Research 行为态度研究