Project Management refresher

The project management refresher course will help turn you project from drag to delight. Come learn how to formulate project objectives, execute the steps of project management and evaluate you project.

Set project objective

Defining project objective can be done as the project progresses.

The above learning objective is the most essential when conceptualizing a project. If objectives are not clearly specified, the whole project is likely to fail. The project manager must identify gaps of why the project needs to be implemented and identify measures on closing those gaps. A list of tasks must be compiled. Objectives must also be set to determine what the project hope to achieve. Each task must have a start and finish date. Team members must also be allocated to each task and their roles be clearly defined.

Each of the project management steps must be specified and exact deliverable be aligned with each step, this will ensure that tracking the progress of each task is easy. Clearly defining objective minimizes confusion and misunderstanding. Each team member knows what is expected of them and the project is likely to run smoothly. Deadlines can easily be met if targets are clearly specified. It also gives the project manager times to evaluate if the project have not deviated from set goals then come up with solutions ahead of time.  

This learning outcome will ensure that delegates are able to execute project effectively and meet all deliverables ahead of time. If objectives are not clearly stated, any project is likely to fail and cost even more to fix avoidable mistakes.

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Why must team memebers'roles be define

  • to ensure all members knwo what is expected of them.
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Apply steps of project management

List 8 project management steps