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Now it's your turn to give it a try!


Add a new Project onto your account called 'Sample Project' for any Client you like. Once you've done so answer the following questions.

How do you create a new Project?

  • Click on the green '+' button
  • Select the 'Project' option
  • Enter in the data for your Project
  • Select the 'Done' button

What are the mandatory fields when creating a new Project?

  • Client
  • Project Title
  • Project Description
  • Task Template
  • Project Manager


Adding Tasks to a Project

Whether you want to add a Task to a Project or a To-do item to your Calendar, adding Tasks in ProWorkflow is a breeze!

Tracking Time on Tasks

Make Tracking Time a breeze by choosing the way you want to Track Time on your Assigned Tasks!

Completing Tasks

Once you're done with your Task list, simply mark a Task as 'Complete' and it will be removed from your To-do list. 

Now that you know all you need to about Tasks, let's test your knowledge!

What are the different types of Tasks you can add into ProWorkflow?

  • Blank Task
  • Recurring Template
  • Task Template
  • Recurring Task
  • General Task
  • Private Task

Tracking time in ProWorkflow

  • You can only Track Time live within ProWorkflow
  • Only one Time record can ever be entered against a Task
  • You can Track Time on other users' Tasks if you have the permission to
  • The Timesheet page will show you Tasks that you're assigned and need to Track Time on

Completing Tasks in ProWorkflow

What is the difference between the Tasks page and the Task Archive?