Golden 6

Welcome to the 'Golden 6' training!

Do you know the 6 elements of Golden 6 and why they are so important? Take the time now to review the course and you will understand the basics. 


Enstek Quality Vision

Kellogg Asia Products Sdn. Bhd is committed to manufacture  ,  snack chips suitable for general human consumption.

Food Safety Moment

Would you eat this food?

Food for Thought

Where do you usually prepare food? 

Do you clean when you prepare food? How? 

What would you do if you or your loved one was to get sick because of the food that you prepared? 


Producing Pringles …is preparing food…

So our manufacturing floor is our kitchen.

Can you spot 10 food packaging safety hazards?

Why Golden 6?

According to Kellogg...

The Golden Six categories directly correlate to the top items food manufacturers are written up for during external food safety audits!

How does this fit into bringing Golden 6 to life?

If we mitigate the risk around the Golden Six we could prevent our consumer risk.


Golden 6


Can you match the non-conformance with the correct picture?

  • Uncontrolled water from cleaning activities
  • Standing water on the floor
  • Condensation drips
  • Missing, failing or dirty leak diverter
  • Leak diverter > 30 days old
  • Water left in mop buckets
  • Drain back-ups
  • Roof leaks


STANDARD - Equipment and area to be free of all pest activity. Monitoring equipment in place and operational.


Live/dead beetles & larvae, Beetle tracks, Birds or Feathers 

Moth, Webbing (Indication of insect damage / insect waste) 

Fruit flies, drain flies, house flies, ants/cockroaches 

Rodents or evidence of  smears, gnawing, droppings 

Damaged monitoring equipment 

Drain screens not in place ·Windows open or fly screens damaged 

Doors left open or not fitted correctly 

Materials stored less than 18/45cm inches from wall 

Proofing in good condition

Pests @ Enstek

The common pests we encounter at Enstek

Sanitation & Housekeeping


Sanitation & Housekeeping

Employee Practices

Employee Practices

  • Improper storage of food contact utensils/ containers/ equipment
  • Dust in fans or filters
  • Improper glove usage, or poor condition of gloves
  • Improper use of smocks
  • Lack of handwashing

Overhead Food Stream

Untitled single choice image question

Overhead Food Stream

Loose Metal

Peeling Paint

Evidence of rust 

Dust build-up 

Condition of Building/ Equipment

STANDARD - No threats to product safety in terms of physical, chemical and microbiological contamination


·Damaged equipment – cracks, breaks, missing pieces, worn 

·Building fabric – loose plaster, flaking paint, damaged tiles, holes or cracks in floor or walls 

·Light fitting damage/in working order 

·Damaged wooden pallets 

·Frayed or cracked belts 

·Gaps in or around doors

·Leaking systems 

·Broken/damaged insulation or unsealed piping 

·Temporary repairs – string/tape/cardboard

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-1 = Action Needed

Immediate Threat to food contamination.

Create Work Notification.

Long Term Corrective needed, Help Request needs submitted.

Multiple occurrences/themes of the same type item. 

Repeat issues not being addressed by Area owner.

0 = Marginal 

Not an immediate threat to food stream. 

Cleaning may be needed. 

Short Term Corrective Action needed, notification help request may need to be created. 

Minor issues observed but area owner has acceptable plan in place

+1 = Acceptable 

No action needed.

No themes discovered.

Area owner is adequately covering issues over their full area.