Instagram Training & Vanity URL's

Welcome to your first official training course! You will learn everything you need to know to get your business up and running on Instagram.


Instagram Introduction

Introduction To Instagram

Instagram is a picture sharing social media platform, it has the highest follower engagement of any platform. Meaning if you have setup your Instagram profile properly and are posting good, consistent content. Your Instagram followers will comment, like or share your content more often. Since we are in the cosmetics and beauty industry, Instagram is the first platform you want to learn to generate traffic and sales. There are over 400 million users on Instagram, let’s learn how to cut a slice out of this pie and get some of them to follow you.

Creating Your Profile

Setting Up Your Profile

You must write a killer description and heading that will work for you and not against you. Your audience must know what type of content to expect from you when they follow your account.

  • Name your page something short and catchy, that can be easily remembered.
  • Write a small bio in your description, giving them an idea of what to expect your page to be about. Example: (I am a New Yorker with a makeup crush.) (Makeup is my first and last love!) (Beauty Blogger and Veggie Lover!) (I love cosmetics and all things pink.) (Beauty Queen & Brand Ambassador) These are just simple examples that you can build upon to fit your personality. You can add symbols if you like next to some of descriptions (you will find out how to do so, on the hack videos later in this training.) You can also openly say that you are a Brand Ambassador for Goddess Cosmetics in your heading.
  • Add your affiliate link to your profile description with a call to action. This is very important, as many people often add their affiliate link but no call to action. Your call to action can be changed and updated from day to day depending on your marketing goals. Some examples: (Save 10% Off today at (View shop at ) (View or Shop at Recreate my looks at
  • Put up an awesome profile picture of yourself in makeup. Remember we all have different makeup styles and looks we prefer. Simply have a picture up that speaks to your personal style. One thing I can tell you that you must do is have a physical picture of yourself, as your profile picture. People are going to be following you and must trust you enough to purchase from you. They will not buy cosmetics from someone who has a cheetah as their profile picture.
  • Add content aka lots and lots of pictures. Before you even start trying to find followers you must have a profile with at least 10 images. Think of these images as your storefront. They need to look good, be clear and look visually appealing. A potential follower will take 30 seconds to decide if they want to follow your page. The decision to do so will be based on the pictures being displayed on the page.


Content Is King

Content is the most important thing you must master on Instagram to be successful. We are going to discuss four ways to come up with daily content to post. You will learn how to source content and not plagiarize the original owner of the content.

Your Own Content

The first way to procure content is to produce it yourself. I get dressed daily and put makeup on, if I think I look exceptionally well. I will take several pictures of myself in many different poses, some far away others up close to feature my makeup. When I purchase new cosmetic products, I lay it out on a nice fur throw or blanket and take pictures of it. I then post the images and tell my followers how excited I am to start creating masterpieces with them. I also set aside one day a week to really do my makeup to the 9's specifically to take lots of shots of the results. I am stressing here that you take lots of shots from different angles. This will allow you to come back later and post additional images of yourself in the same makeup over and over for weeks. If you post a picture of yourself today from the same photos you took a few days or weeks ago. No one will ever know the difference or think hey I saw her in that makeup look last week.

Curating Content from Flickr

Go to Flickr and click the explore button, type in keywords of images you’re looking for. Once the images have populated, click on Any License at the top left of the page, then Choose All Creative Commons. The reason your choosing all Creative Commons is because these people are saying you can use their images freely, if you give them credit when you post. Click on the license link to each picture you’re interested in using to see what the owner is asking you to do to freely use the image. Most will want attribution, which means to give them credit at the time of posting.

Example: You post a picture of a woman wearing matte lipstick that you got from Flickr. You would post the image to Instagram with this caption (Look at this awesome purple matte lipstick. by purplegoth2017).

Curating Content from Instagram

Curating content from another person’s page on Instagram requires that you also give credit to the original poster. We are going to use the same example above with the purple matte lipstick. The only difference is instead of posting by purplegoth2017 you would need to give credit to the actual Instagram account. Example: (Look at this awesome purple matte lipstick @purplegoth2017)


Instagram allows videos to run for 15s. This means if you create a video, it will need to be modified down to 15s. We suggest using Video Meme Generator to modify and edit your videos down to 15s.

Note: When it comes to curating content, you must ensure that you do not plagiarize the owner of the content. The way to do this properly is to give credit to the original owner at the time of posting. Because you are using Instagram to make money, it’s important to give proper credit. It does not matter if your followers leave your page to view the original poster’s page. What your followers are going to expect from you is quality content on a consistent basis. If you’re going to create a page worthy of following you must curate content to keep things fresh.

When wearing our products

Here is a example of how to post when you are wearing our products. You could add additional hashtags, such as brand ambassador, affiliate, etc. You could also add the product color name in this case she has on Steely. The post could be adjusted to #starcrystals #steely #goddesscosmetics #mua #brandambassador #glitter etc.

When wearing our products, but....

The brand ambassador does have on our star crystals again. But she took several images of herself that day, as I have suggested in this training module. Because she has already openly spoke and posted about star crystals in an earlier. Following our 3 to 1 rule. She would simply post and hashtag only or make a general comment to her followers. 

Pictures of new products

This is an example of how to take awesome pictures of your new products before using them.

Doing testimonials

This is an example of a post used as a testimonial, featuring an live image of our products.

How to post when you have on none of our cosmetics

This is how you post when you do not have on any of our cosmetics. As stated you would post pictures of yourself wearing your daily makeup. You also do not have to take pictures daily. Pick one day a week and take alot of shots from different angles. Make sure to mix up your posting with pictures and hashtags, pictures with you speaking personally with your followers. Pictures with direct selling or requesting they go to your site and shop. Comment of the day posts...etc.



To build your follower base you must provide lots of content and daily. You must be selective in how you deliver that content and how it lookson your page. This is where things get a bit hectic because to be successful you must post content more than once a day on Instagram. The content you do post cannot always be about selling products or services. If you do people will stop following you, because no one wants to be sold to all day long. 

What to Post

Do three non-selling posts in a row and then do one selling post. I call this the 3 to 1 principle. Let's say that we have a promotion for $5.00off Star Crystals and you would like to promote it. You take pictures of yourself wearing Star Crystals and will post 4 times today. (If you don’t have any Star Crystals, procure pictures of women wearing glitter eye eyeshadow, using what was taught in the previous section.)

Post 1: Hey guys look at me starting my day looking like a princess.(with a picture of you in Star Crystals) 

Post 2: Another cute pick of me today... (with a different picture of you in Star Crystals)

Post 3: Tell a joke, ask a question or post an image of a quote of the day. 

Post 4: Post a close of you wearing Star Crystals and openly advertise by saying: Star Crystals in #twilight is on sale. Get $5 Offt oday. 

How Often to Post

We discussed this above you should post 3 times a day at minimum to build your audience and send traffic to your affiliate link. When you post content your traffic peaks at 2 hours and then begins to dwindle. You may get a few additional likes after 2 hours. But the traffic will have died down to a crawl after two hours. Which is why it is going to take 3 posts a day to keep the momentum up and the traffic coming.

When to Post

I am going to give you 3 target times to post, but you must keep tabs on your traffic to determine the most responsive times of your followers.

Early Morning: 7am-8am

Lunch: 11:30am

Late Night: 7pm

How On Earth Am I Going to Post 3 Times A Day?

Good question! The answer will be to use a service called Buffer, it allows you to save your weekly posting rotation. You would simply put in the content you want to post to Instagram and it will post that contenton the next available date and time setup for your rotation. You can spend one day a week putting in all your Instagram posts and your cellphone will alert you at the time setup to post to Instagram. From your phone, you would click onthe image you saved in Buffer copy the text you wrote to your clipboard. You can make any changes to the image before posting, paste the text you saved toyour clipboard. Then press enter to post to Instagram. 

Buffer is a free service and it allows you to save weeks’ worth of posts and will in turn auto post them for you to over 6 different social platforms. Because Instagram is a slightly different platform to post to, it sends the auto post to your phone as a reminder. When Buffer posts to the other 5 platforms it will do it for you without any additional steps on your part. Although Buffer is a free service, you must upgrade to their $10 a month plan to post to Instagram and Pinterest. Otherwise you are going to have to personally post 3 times a day and have a way to send the pictures to your phone to post. The best way to send pictures from your computer to your phone is to email them to yourself. But the great thing about Buffer is it sends the picture to your phone for you to post on Instagram at the time you stated. 

Gaining Followers

Building A Follower Base

Under the video portion of this training course you will get tohear some ideas on how to grow your follower base. But for now, I am going to discuss how to do so with hashtags and a technique taken from forum marketing. 


To make it simple hashtags are a way to get your posts to hopefully go viral and bring additional followers and traffic to your page.When you post, you are going to want to hashtag every single time to give your posts the potential to be viewed by others. Who are looking under the same hashtags your posted with your content. Our company has two official hashtags #goddesscosmetics and #goddesscosmeticsrocks. We do not require you to use our hashtags when you post content, but just remember the more pictures you put under the hashtags. The more visitors will see a collection of images of affiliates working the business, making it easier for you to get recruits and additional followers.  

Influencer Marketing :)

This technique is taken from affiliate forum marketing, where you would join an industry based forum. Participate in discussions on makeup and beauty and leave comments in response to questions. You generally cannot openly try to sell or post your affiliate link in the comments you make. But you can put your affiliate link in your profile description just like Instagram. When people click on your forum comment, they can see your affiliate link.

You will use this same technique on Instagram but with a different twist. Instagram allows you to see the followers of your competitors or industry peers. This works out great for us because we are going to use this tool to follow other profiles and get them to follow us back. 

Step 1: Follow the page of an industry celebrity, company, Instagram celebrity personality or a big industry influencer page. Once you follow the page, you first need to try to get them to follow you back. To do this look through their images, like some of them. You can even go further and post a comment if you like the picture a lot. This should get the company to follow you back, if they do not follow you back, please remain a follower of the page. Because you will need to use their page to grow your follower base. Every time you comment on a post, people will read that post and if they click on your profile to find out more about you. Your affiliate link will be a part of your profile. This will send them straight to Goddess Cosmetics and if they make a purchase you get paid.

Step 2: Now take the time to look through the followers of the company you followed in Step 1. Follow as many of their followers that appeal to you. Once you follow them as in step one you must like some of their pictures. Afterwards give them a couple of  hours, if you do not get a follow back. You need to unfollow the people in Step 2. Your likes and any comments you made stay on their page and can bring you traffic and additional followers. 

Step 3: Rinse and repeat. I suggestion spending 30 minutes to an hour doing this daily. When it’s time for you to do it again the next day. You can unfollow anyone in step 2 that did not follow you back.

Instagram Training Videos

How To Market On Instagram The Right Way

Introduction To Course Videos

We believe in Word of Mouth Marketing better known as Shoutout marketing on Instagram and other social media platforms. The concept stems from the awareness that people are more likely to believe a peer or normal person than a company's promotional video. To put this information into practice, instead of creating videos telling you these techniques will work. We have chosen to curate videos from people killing it on Instagram in their own words. We have made sure to give credit to the video owners, did not alter their video in anyway and if you would like to like or follow them please do. 

How To Market On Instagram

This video gives you information on how to market on Instagram. We would like to give credit to Wishpond for an awesome video. If you like what you see and want to keep up to date with new posts follow their channel. 


How To Grow Your Instagram Follower Base Like A BOSS

Grow Your Follower Base

This video discusses additional ways to build your follower base, by two lovely ladies that have built an impressive follower base on Instagram. We would like to give credit to their channel for an awesome video. If you like what you see and want to keep up to date with new posts follow their channel at the information provided in the video. 


Instagram Hacks

Get Your Hacking On

Sometimes you need to know the little cheats and tricks you can do on Instagram that will help you out as a business professional. Yes you have a fun job, you get to be social and get paid for it. These two videos will show you a few hacks that I am sure you never knew about. 

As usual we give credit to the channel owner for an awesome video. If you like what you see and want to keep up to date with new posts follow her channel at the information provided in the video. 



Vanity URL's

Vanity URL's Demystified

Vanity URL's Explained

Vanity url's are used for marketing purposes to help brand your name. This works well for your affiliate link with Goddess Cosmetics. The affiliate link cannot be changed because coding has been embedded into the link to ensure that you get credit when someone comes to the site under your link. To combat this problem, you can purchase a vanity url and use it to forward traffic to your affiliate link. If branding is not something you are concerned with, simply use the affiliate link as is. 

For example: Let's say that my vanity url is I would forward that domain to my affiliate link. On my Instagram account, I would put my as my website link. But when that url is clicked on they will be forwarded to my affiliate link above.

This link is to a great article on how to setup a vanity url:

But for the sake of simplicity. Follow these instructions:

1) Go to search through their database for a url (aka domain name) that speaks to your brand. Once you find a url name you like and that name is available purchase it. I would say do not spend more than 14.99 a year for a domain. The minimum purchase amount is for one year. Which is what you should purchase. Say no to all the extra additional charges and options. Remove anything extra that may have been added before checkout.

2) In the back office of your Godaddy account click on manage Domains, then click on your new url you just purchased.

3) Under the settings tab you will see Forwarding to the left of the page. Click manage Domain in the Forwarding section. Under domain put in your affiliate link, update and save. It will take a few minutes to an hour before the link begins to work.

4) If any of the instructions above confuses you, simply follow the screenshot instructions in the article linked above. It will walk you through screenshot by screenshot on how to forward the domain to your affiliate link address with Goddess Cosmetics. Once this step is complete. Use your new vanity url in all your marketign efforsts.

Vanity URL Example: when you click on this link you will land on a different domain name than you see above.


What is Instagram?

  • A picture sharing social media platform with over 600 million users.
  • A picture sharing social media platform with over 300 million users
  • A picture sharing social media platform with over 400 million users.

How many images should your page have before you even think of adding additional followers?

  • 15
  • 8
  • 10
  • 5
  • 20

Which profile picture should you use?


Putting What You Learned Into Practice

Go to the affiliate back office and view the assignment PDF for this training course. Complete all steps before moving on. Give yourself a week to get everything completed and done. Remember your dedication to following up and completing the lessons each week, will  determine your success. If you have any questions regarding this lesson and need further explanation. Please reach out to us and we will respond.