Welcome to PMan

A big warm welcome to the staff of the Department of Work Health and Saftey. We're delighted to tell you about our new Personnel Management system, PMan.

When you've finished taking this short course, you will:

Have fun!


What is PMan

PMan is an enterprise level Personnel Management System. PMan is developed on an SAP based platform and allows for all personnel details, educational information and pay and leave entitlments to be managed within the one system. 

What four key elements of business will PMan manage?

  • Pay
  • Educational information
  • Personnel details
  • Retirement age
  • Leave

The Three-Staged Deployment Approach of PMan

What are the three stages of the PMan deployment?

  • First stage
    Personnel Details
  • Second stage
    Educational information
  • Third (and final) stage
    Pay and Leave



- No training, no access

- All training will be eLearning

- Training released as modules are deployed

What is the PMan training policy?

  • No training, No access
  • No one needs training for PMan!


PMan is upon us!!

Now that you've finished taking this short course, you will:

  • be familiar with PMan
  • understand the phased deployment approach of PMan
  • understand the training you will require for PMan

Keep your eye out for training realease dates!