Creating Your iAm Profile

Creating and completing your iAm Profile is an essential part of your journey here at Southwire. The iAm Profile assists both hourly and salaried employees apply for salaried positions by creating a resume that can be printed or sent electronically.

Part 1 - Creating Your iAm Profile : Tutorial

Creating Your iAm Profile : Tutorial

Please follow along with this tutorial to fill out your iAm Profile.

Part 2 - Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I complete my iAm Profile?

Completing your iAm Profile is an essential part of your journey here at Southwire for two reasons: salary employee job applications and upcoming talent search.

For salaried employees, previous employment, Southwire work history, education, and language skills are automatically populated into job applications from the iAm Profile. If this information is not filled out on the iAm Profile, then this information will not be able to be entered in both the actual job application and the applicant profile that's used for future applications.

The upcoming talent search is a new feature that will allow all fields on the iAm Profile to feed into a search function that will be available to all company VPs and above, beginning January 2017. This will allow our leaders to search for emerging talent throughout our organization, especially when there are particular skills or work experiences needed to fill open positions. This is a critical step to continue helping us achieve our goals in building organizational capability.

How do I edit each field?

An "Edit" button is available in the top right corner of each section. Clicking this button will make the fields editable. Be sure to click "Save" after editing any data.

The field I'm editing doesn't contain drop-down information that applies to me. What do I do?

Most of the fields contain an "Other" entry.  As an example, if what you majored in during your formal education is not listed, you can select the "other" option in the drop-down list.

How do I finish my iAm Profile?

A sticky note prompting you to complete your iAm Profile will appear until you click the "Finish Now" button on the sticky note and complete all steps. Fill out any information that you can, and be sure to select that you are finished filling out your profile when prompted.

Is my iAm Profile public?

Your iAm Profile can be viewed by anyone. However, the only parts that can be publicly viewed are Personal Information, Contact Info, Employment Info, Organizational Info, and Job Info. Everything else in your iAm Profile is held privately.

Who do I contact if  I'm having trouble changing information on my iAm Profile?

Send a helpdesk ticket to and include the changes that need to be made. Someone will reach out to assist you.