Presentation web scripts

This module will introduce students to presentation Web Scripts and how they are implemented in the Share interface.



This module will cover the following concepts:.


  • Overview
  • Interaction
  • Dashlets
  • Web script interaction
  • Lab
  • Resources





Share web scripts interact with the repository through;


  • A corresponding set of web scripts.
  • Connectors and end points

Web Script interaction

Web script interaction




Dashlets are applications that are:

  • Built upon Share.
  • Combined to create the dashboard.
  • Defined using web scripts.




Dashlets and Web Scripts

Dashlets and web scripts

To create a dashlet:


  • Define a web script in Share.
  • Declare the web script as a dashlet in the descriptor. (family)
  • Deploy the web script(s)
  • Add the dashlet to the dashboard.


Creating a presentation Web Script

Step by step

To create Share web scripts that access the repository:


  • Create repository web scripts.
  • Create Share web scripts.
  • Define the connector and end point.
  • Deploy the web scripts.







For additional information on presentation web scripts visit the links below:

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