Introduction to new Business Management System

Get a breif introduction of the new Business Management System  

What is a Business Management System

The story behind the Business Management Systen

Since our Business Management System was launched, it has been through a lot of changes. We hav e now upgraded the system to the newest version - and you will therefore see a lot of new features that will be presented now.

What is a Business Management System?

A Business Management System (BMS) is a living reference and communication platform for all organisational knowledge, including strategies, policies, processes, people and technology. It also helps all of us to go in the same direction, using the right tools, towards the same goal.

The Management System ensures:

  • a common understanding of what we do

  • predictability and process

  • clearly-defined roles and their  

  • access to our internal requirements and methods

  • experience transfer

  • continuous improvement

  • compliance with legislative Acts, statutory regulations and client requirements


Terms related to the Business Management System

Test if you know all the terms....
  • Process Owner
    responsible for ensuring that processes and changes are implemented and communicated
  • Activity Description
    A detailed explanation of how to conduct an activity
  • My Subscribtions
    The processes I subscribe to

Explaining the Functions in the Business Management System

FRONT PAGE - Personalized

Personalized – improved personal view of and access to management system information

  • My page (see picture below)

Where can you get an overview of all the change requests you have registered

  • Under til "My Change Request" on the frontpage
  • Via the table "CHange request"