Salesforce for New Business Development Execs

As a New Business Development Executive, you'll use Salesforce to manage new Leads once they've become marketing qualified.

You'll manage each lead as they come in, with the aim to pass them on to the Welcome Team (WT).

The MQL Report

What is the MQL Report?

New leads will be automatically entered into Salesforce by Hubspot, regardless of whether they've come from a webinar or event, or have requested a callback.

To keep on top of these, each Receipt Bank territory (North America, UK, France, and Australia/New Zealand) has an 'MQL Leads' report. 

It's primarily split into three main sections, though you're only concerned with two; 'New' leads and those 'In Follow-Up.'

Let's look at these more closely.

MQL Status: New

'New' leads are those that have just become marketing qualified and are ready for a call.

They've expressed interest in Receipt Bank, but no-one from our sales team has been in touch with them yet. 

At a glance, you can see the lead name, company and their lead source. Note that the marketing team will be noted as the lead owner depending on which lead source they come from - when you start actioning the lead, move them into your name.

MQL Status: In Follow-Up

Leads 'In Follow-Up' are being actively spoken to by members of the NBDT, as shown by their ownership, the next step in the sales process from 'New.'  

Depending on your discovery calls with leads, they will either stay in follow-up, or the MQL Status will be set to 'None' if they are awaiting a consultation, or moving back to the campaign team. 

Which Leads do you target first in the MQL Report?

  • 'New'
  • 'In Follow-Up'
  • 'Completed'

Actions and Tasks

First Actions

When you start working on one of the 'New' MQL leads, the first thing to do is bring them into your name by clicking 'Change' next to the lead owner information.

Following this process you'll also conduct some research on the lead to fill in any blanks that weren't available from Hubspot.

What extra information could you enter into Salesforce to flesh out a Lead before you call them?

Hint: there are 3 correct answers

  • Website address
  • AccountingWEB Username
  • Twitter handle
  • Role
  • Business Goals

Follow-Up Tasks

After taking the lead, you need to create an open task where you'll record your work with the lead. To do so, click 'New Task' in the 'Open Activities' section toward the bottom of the page.

There's specific terminology used here, depending on the lead source:

  • Call Out (Request a Callback): The lead requested a callback from the RB website;
  • Call Out (Campaign Request a Callback): The lead requested a callback from a specific CTA in a marketing campaign;
  • Call Out (Webinar Follow-Up): The lead originated from an RB webinar;
  • Call Out (Event Follow-Up): The lead originated at an event;
  • Call Out (Phoned In): The lead actively called the RB offices for more information;
  • Call Out (Referral): The lead was referred to us, either internally or externally (such as from Xero);
  • Call Out (Reschedule TD): The lead missed their consultation and must be rescheduled.

You'll then need to reach out to the lead for a discovery call.

Keeping Track of Tasks

Using your personal Salesforce task list, you'll be able to keep on top of the leads you're following up with. 

Assign today's date to the task, and make sure the task list filter is set to 'Today.'

Access your task list from the 'Home' page in Salesforce (where it appears along the bottom), or by clicking the daily event page view under the calendar icon:

If you have to delay a call for whatever reason, or the lead has requested to be called back on a specific date, change the due date of the task to help you keep track of it. 

That task will then show up again on the date in question.


Within every Task or Event in Salesforce is a section labelled to enter any notes associated with it. In Tasks, this is called 'Comments,' and in Events this is the 'Description:'

These can include:

  • Minutes of the call and information gained;
  • Plans for the meeting;
  • Information on how the task is progressing;
  • Basically, anything that you need to know about that task or event!

Notes are incredibly important.

We should always strive to include as many detailed notes as possible so that we're able to keep track of what's happening on an individual account, but also so that our colleagues can see what's going on if they have to deal with an account while you're not around.

How should you primarily prioritise your daily workload?

  • Using Salesforce's Task list
  • Momentum's To-Do List
  • Google's Task List
  • Trello

Discovery and Outcomes


Before you call the lead, you should endeavour to fill as many of the blanks in the lead's Salesforce entry as possible. 

Not only will this help you get a better idea of what they might be like before you call them, but it will provide the WT and AM with invaluable information at a later stage.

  • What is their role within the Firm?
  • Do they have a website?
  • Do they have Twitter?
  • What accounting software do they use?

With as much of this in hand as you can find, you're ready to call them. 

Following your discovery call, there's several different Salesforce processes to follow, depending on its outcome.

Not Ready, No TD

If, following the discovery call, the lead isn't ready to go to a consultation with the WT you'll need to:

Mark the task as complete is there is no follow-up. However, if the lead suggests a time to catch up, leave the task open in your name with an estimated date in the future. 

Make sure you've put all your notes in the 'Call Out' task!

If you feel they'll benefit from an introductory webinar before a full consultation, leave them marked as 'In Follow-Up' and move the task date back to a date agreed with the lead.

Ready for Consultation

If the lead is ready to move to the next stage in the sales process, you'll need to:

Additionally, make sure all your notes are recorded in your 'Call Out' task, and mark it complete!

What must you do when you're finished working on any Lead?

  • Set status to 'Active in AM'
  • Close the task
  • Set 'MQL Status' to 'Marketing-Qualified Lead'