In this section you will learn about the history of our Agency, some statistics about activity, and you will learn the general services that SAC provides. As an advocate, you will need to know our services thoroughly so that you can explain them to clients you work with. It will also be helpful to you as you prepare clients on what they can expect by getting connected to an on-going advocate.

The Sexual Assault Center of Family Services

Brown County Office was established in 1974

Oconto County Office was established in 1986

Door County Office was established in 1995

Marinette County was established in 2008

Brown County Statistics

PRIMARY CLIENT= The Victim(s) we assist

SECONDARY CLIENT = Any Individual we assist that is also affected by the crime(s)

All Services Provided

1. Crisis Intervention Services


Each County has their own 24/7 hotline number. All 4 hotlines ring at our main office in Brown County after hours. So as a Brown County Advocate,  you may still be speaking with someone on the hotline who lives in Oconto, Door, or Marinette County.   

2. Supportive Counseling Or Individual Advocacy

3. Medical Advocacy

4. Legal Advocacy

5. On-going Or Follow up Assistance

6. Specialized Services to Underserved Populations

7. Prevention Services

8. Support Groups

9. Community Outreach Or Presentations