The Sound System (Part 2)

In this 3-part course, your trainer will guide you through the basics of the standard DJ sound system. Upon completion, you should feel confident in setting up a full sound system independently and in "event ready" condition. 

Part 2 - The DJ System (Approximate time to complete: 60 minutes) (copy)

Guided Set-Up


In Part 1, you learned the basics of hooking up a sound system. If you are completing Parts 1 and 2 on the same day and you already have a sound system set up, you may skip to the next section titled, "DJAY Pro Basics." 

If you are starting this section on a new day, your trainer will assign you a sound system. Be sure to complete a new checklist and begin setting up two speakers on stands, your console (mixer) and a wired microphone. 

DJAY Pro Basics

The Fun Begins!

You will be learning how to hook up and use the DJAY Pro software. While there are many fun and advanced features built into the software, today you will focus on the basics required to find music from Spotify (which is integrated in DJAY Pro) and play songs. 

There will be ample time to master the software and learn all the fun tricks later. Trust us. ;)

Plugging into the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Mixer. 

Using a USB A-B cable, plug your laptop into the mixer and open the DJAY Pro Software. It should connect automatically and give you control over the program directly from the mixer. 

Your trainer will show you the following: 

  • How to assign channels/decks on your mixer that correspond to the decks on the program.
  • How to switch from iTunes to Spotify to select music (must have a wifi connection). 
  • How to search Spotify to select and load songs to each deck from both the laptop and from the mixer. 
  • How to play, stop, and cue songs from both the laptop and from the mixer. 
  • How to fade in and out of songs using volume "sliders" as well as the crossfader.
  • How to use headphones to preview songs before bringing them "live."

Free Time

Spend about 30 minutes or so just playing around! While we will guide you through proper song selection in a different course, this is a chance for you to just play for a bit. The only thing we ask is that you watch out for songs marked "explicit." This is good practice as you may encounter a situation at an event where you need to find a song on Spotify that is the "radio edit" or "clean" version. 

  • The goal is to get a feel for the rhythm of selecting and playing songs using multiple channels/decks.
  • Your trainer will not be evaluating your song selection or mixing abilities, but will be keeping an ear out for the simplest way to be a great DJ:  NO DEAD AIR! (This will be covered fully in a different training module).

In the next section, you will learn how to tidy up your setup and add in a wireless microphone system so that you are "Event Ready."