Tutorial: HPA Filling Stations

This course will go through the how to strip & service the HPA filling stations in use at Delta Force centres. Whilst differences will occur regionally due to slight technical changes, the principles will remain the same. 

Fill Stations

Watch this tutorial video first



OH&S - have you spoken to your line manager?

It's important to realise that there are inherent risks involved with working with compressed air. Before you begin any work, you need to contact your Operations Manager and get their permission to carry on.

  • Yes, I've spoken to him or her and have full permission to service my fill stations
  • Not yet- I hadn't realised it was important!

3-Way Toggle Valve

  • Toggle
  • Toggle Cap
  • Vented Stem
  • Cap
  • Body
  • Module
  • Guide
  • Vent Seat
  • Replaceable O-rings

Poppet Assembly (Module)

  • Poppet
  • Seat
  • Sleeve
  • Housing
  • Retainer Nut
  • Filter Housing
  • Filter

Which are the three o-rings that get changed during the quarterly service?

As part of the quarterly Fill Station service, we change 3 o-rings inside the fill station. Where are they located?

Summative Assessment

The fill stations used by Delta Force are called  toggle valves. They are rated up to  and made from .

As part of their scheduled maintenance, centre managers are required to strip, service and reassemble every .  This service includes two main functions- checking & cleaning the internals as well as changing the  main o-rings inside the fill station. We may need to swap the poppet assembly (also known as the ) out if need be.  

Before doing any maintenance work it's imperative that we contact our to ensure full OH&S compliance.



OH&S - do you feel comfortable servicing your HPA filling stations?

  • Yes, I'll need to practice it a few times but it all makes sense.
  • Not really. There's still a lot that doesn't make sense yet.

What next?

Congratulations! You've finished the  Fill Station section of this tutorial. What you need to do now is put it into practice.