Admin Training Opt-Out - Module 4 Add & Remove Learning

In this exam, you will answer questions which demonstrate your knowledge of the iAm University Learning System. Answer all of the following questions to the best of your ability. This exam covers Administrator Training Module 4 - Add & Remove Learning.

Add & Remove Learning

Fill in the Blank.

Central Learning Admins may assign/remove items to/from   .

When might an admin want to schedule a job to run in the background when assigning items to a user? Select all that apply.

  • When the learning item has not yet been created but will be in the future.
  • When performing a large scale assignment that requires too much server space to run immediately
  • When the admin wishes to assign an item to a user at some point in the future rather than immediately
  • When a user has not yet been entered into the system but will be in the future.

Which of the following locations allow you to add/remove learning to/from a user? Select all that apply.

  • Quick Link
  • User Record
  • Learning Content Objects
  • Learning Record

Admins have access to every employee within the system. Why must admins use caution when performing tasks?

  • To avoid assigning courses to the wrong employees
  • To prevent giving credit for courses to the wrong employees
  • To ensure that accidents made within the system are kept to a minimum

The iAm University admin portal currently does NOT support mass assign/remove learning functionalities.

  • True
  • False

What can you NOT remove from a user record?

  • Completed Items from Learning History
  • Learning Assignments
  • Scheduled Offering Enrollments
  • Instructor Led Training

What Quick Link wizard is used to add/remove learning?

  • Add User
  • Record Learning - Multiple
  • Add Item
  • User Needs Management

Confirmation screens are very important within the admin portal?

  • True
  • False