JFW/EzTux Quiz

JFW/EzTux Quiz

Match the PM code to the corresponding warehouse state.

  • PM425
  • PM11
  • PM406
  • PM407
  • PM409
  • PM408

An order was shipped out of PM409 to an address in San Francisco. The customer calls in for a REPL and is traveling to New York for the wedding. Where do you ship the replacement garments from?

  • PM409
  • PM406
  • PM409 with 2 Day Air Shipping
  • Any center

Daniel Horne called in requesting sizes from a previous order. His order was placed under [email protected] in 2015. He remembers we shipped the garments to his home in Georgia. What size jacket and shoes did Daniel receive?

  • 42R Jacket and 11.5M Shoes
  • 39R Jacket and no shoes as order did not have shoes.
  • 44L Jacket and 10W shoes

Stable crashes as a customer calls in for replacement garments. What do you need to ask in order to find the customer in EzTux to proceed?

  • Date order was placed, name, address.
  • Name on order, state where we shipped to.
  • Name, DOB, wear date.

Match the JFW/EzTux status with the correct description.

  • Printed
    JFW has the order in their system to process the 10/12 days out.
  • Processing
    JFW is gathering up, tailoring, and boxing the original or replacement garments.
  • Shipping
    Order is on the way to the customer.

Stable is down temporarily. A customer calls wondering where their order is. How do you find this information?