Appointment Criteria and Validation Process

This is to address some concerns raised in the huddles revolving around the processes and validations we have in place. Please consider the below as the final process and structure set in place which under no circumstances will be altered or changed unless done by Management.

We are in the business of lead generation in an industry that is constantly changing their products/pricing and deals offered on a monthly basis. Hence from time to time to ensure we are meeting our client expectations we will be adjusting our criteria in accordance with the client needs.



1. Face to Face Appointment - This is your primary KPI.


2. Phone Appointment - This is a secondary fall back to help you earn commissions and is not considered a qualified lead by our clients. Phone appointment is included in your team stats too but not on your monthly KPI. 

Criteria for a Face to Face Appointment

1. Face to Face - The prospect will require to have the following;


- Minimum 6 Active Mobiles Or Minimum 10 Active Landlines (Simultaneous lines)

- Within 6 months left on their current contract with their current provider

- Must not have any services with Optus under the business. (Can have services under personal name)

- Must have all services under current ABN 

Other Notes to Consider:

Question: Effective November 1, 2017; can we still consider customers with at least 8 landlines or we will be firm with 10 lines? 

Answer: Yes, we can consider customers with at least 8 landlines


Question: Must have all services under current ABN: Can we still ask the question below to qualify customer as a Face to Face appointment:
"Have you considered having your personal mobiles under the company? They are usually better plans that suit business needs and you can also write it off as a business expense for tax purposes."

Answer: You can ask the question as long as they meet the 6 and 8 criteria for face to face. That question will mainly be for phone appointments or for face to face customers who have 8 landlines and 0 mobiles, where the mobiles are reimbursed back.


If a face to face prospect has 6 landlines and 0 mobiles under the business but 8 mobiles reimbursed to personal, this will be set as a phone appointment only as per phone appointment criteria (6 lines off contract)


Question: We can only ask the question on transferring the reimbursed personal mobiles to the ABN if customer is qualified for either face to face (8 landlines) or phone (5 landlines), right?

Answer: Yes. Correct.Customer has to qualify for either of the appointment criteria with their existing services under the ABN.

We are not going to count an appointment based on If’s and Maybe’s from the customer.

For e.g. if customer has 2 landlines and 6 mobiles (personal), we can’t count this as any appointment.

Criteria for a Phone Appointment

2. Phone Appointment - The prospect will require to have the following;


- Minimum 2 Active Mobiles Or Minimum 5 Active Landlines (Simultaneous Lines)

- Must be completely out of contract.

- Must not have any services with Optus under the business. (Can have services under personal name)

- Must have all services under current ABN 


Other Notes to Consider: 

Question: Can we still count it a phone meeting as 1 appointment for metrics/ stats purposes?

Answer: Yes, we continue to count the phone appointments as per usual. 


Question: With regards to phone appointment, if customer is willing to pay the pre-termination fee (directly claims that they want to change providers ) and is within 30 days till end of contract; can we set it up and wait for your feedback after the business consultant calls them? or would you need us to wait for the contract to lapse completely before setting it up?

Answer: If its 30 days left in contract, its not classified as a phone appointment regardless of the customer claims of paying it out as it needs to be fully out of contract. So you set it as a call back.


Note from the Campaign Director 

If you come across prospects who fall outside of the above criteria you are required to consult either the team manager Jose or myself prior to setting the appointment or considering it as a qualified appointment.Please note: All appointments are subject to managements approval and management at anytime may reject an appointment providing justified feedback as to why. This is to ensure that our clients don’t end up with leads they can’t use or don’t want to receive.Know that management will always make decisions that are first best for the client when it comes to appointments. We are here to serve our clients and their requests are our goals.In most cases if you focus on your primary target which are face to face appointments you won’t have any complications or fluctuating scenarios, however with phone appointments there will always be grey areas and fluctuating scenarios which is why no 1 rule applies.In rare cases depending on the prospect scenario you may have an appointment approved initially. 2 weeks later you may come across the same scenario with another prospect which may not be approved or counted due to the criteria fluctuation as mentioned above.This does not mean due to the 1st appointment being approved 2 weeks prior that you are automatically entitled for the same approval for the new appointment. Any arguments or bickering regarding this will lead to a written warning for not complying with company rules.You may discuss your prospect scenarios during Pre-Shift and Post-Shift huddles and provide suggestions to the Team Manager Jose. The Manager will then either be able to make the clarification on the spot or consult with me if there is a doubt or a new scenario never faced before.No other processes or suggestions are to be discussed and agreed upon prior to my consent and all previous implementations of the same are deemed invalid as of this writing.

ref. October 22, 2017, 7:41 PM, Steve Selvey <[email protected]>

Appointment Criteria and Validation Process