This learning path will teach you how to use a tool called the Mood Elevator to get better results with less stress and effort...

Hi, I'm Chloe and I'd like to help you learn how to get better results with less stress and effort by using a simple but powerful tool called the Mood elevator. 

Learning How to Use the Mood Elevator

How to become more aware of your mood

The Mood Elevator is a tool that indicates the quality of our thinking.

Since your thinking is invisible to you, your moods act as a signaling device to tell you when your thinking is reliable and when it isn't. 
When you are in higher moods you experience higher quality thinking and when you are in lower moods you experience lower quality thinking.  

Using the mood elevator as a tool to indicate when your thinking is reliable and when it isn't allows you to make a choice of when it makes sense to rely on your thinking and when it doesn't.

We tend to make bad decisions have worse judgment and exhibit bad behavior when we are in lower moods because our thinking isn't reliable.  

The Mood Elevator

Take a minute and write down how you were feeling and/or the mood state that you were in during the times in your life when you've made bad decisions, used poor judgment and exhibited bad behavior ...

Understanding what my mood is telling me...

Mood Elevator Mission

Mood Elevator Mission 

Take a picture of the mood elevator image with your phone and save it as a screensaver. Set your phone alarm to remind yourself 3x everyday -  look at your screensaver and capture the mood you are in. 

At the end of the 3-day  look at the entries you've made and: 

 1. Identify any themes or patterns in your moods. 

 2. Make a note about the benefits you experienced        from being more aware of your moods. 

1: What patterns/themes or thoughts did you experience during your mood elevator mission? 2: How will you use what you've learned about your moods and the mood elevator to be even more effective?


Thanks for completing the course! I hope that you will use the mood elevator regularly to help you become even more effective!