Tech Integration PD

Welcome to your tech integration PD experience. The goal of this experience is to give you new insight into how all of the technology the district dumped on you can actually be used to TRANSFORM student learning.

Phase 1

Survey Time

You will need the lesson you brought that already uses technology for this particular activity. For this activity you will first use the attached "Illinois State Technology Standards for Students" to create a survey. This survey should be created so that it can be used by yourself as well as other participant teachers to rate how well your lessons align to the ISTE student standards. This will give you an overall idea of how well you are using technology to help students learn the prescribed lesson. You may use any survey tool that you would like. I have provided you a link with a bunch of survey tools that you can choose from.  I have included an example a survey question using Survey Monkey. The way my survey works, is to assign high number values to lesson that fully integrate the standards and low numbers to lesson that don't. At the end of my theoretical survey, the higher your score, the more effectively the lesson/unit utilizes technology as indicated by the ISTE student standards


Once you have completed your survey, post a link of it to the "StormBoard" that I have created for our PD members. Make sure to post it in the section 1 column. Access the link to StormBoard provided below, sign up and use the ID 450826 and the key dose3858 if prompted. Once everyone has done this, access the survey of another participant and use it to evaluate the lesson you brought with you that already uses technology. After you have evaluated these lessons, discuss your findings with the other participants on the StormBoard. You should start this process by posting a synopsis of your findings to section 1 of the StormBoard. Not only should you discuss the findings about how well your lesson uses tech according to the ISTE standards, but you should try to provide feedback about the survey you took if you can.

Phase 2

Helpful Models

Open the link below to access an interactive presentation I created about technology integration.  When you click on it, you will probably be prompted to open it in Pear Deck.  Go ahead and do that.  If you don't have a Pear Deck account you may be asked to start one.

Those of you who will be interacting with this course in real time will visit the following link:  When you get there you will plug in the following class code:  hbwlo.

Here is a copy of one of the important parts of the Pear Deck presentation if you can not get access to Pear Deck for whatever reason.  If you click OPEN IN TES TEACH it will take you to a more accessible view of this tool.  If you decide to explore it in this website, you can click on the resources and toggle the description about each one by clicking a little white arrow in the upper right corner.


Phase 3

Let's Discuss

You are going to take part in a poll created through PollEverywhere. You can gain access to this poll by clicking the link below to take part in the poll on a computer. Or you may read the attached instructions on how to take part in the poll by texting your answers.We will periodically stop and use the questions and your answers to discuss the use of SAMR and Triple E. in defining your technology use.

This image show how to take place in the poll with your cell phone.

Phase 4


I have used a curation tool called symbaloo to collect a large number of educational technology tools for you to use in the next activity. I would like you to peruse the symbaloo and choose one of the tools to modify the second lesson you have brought with you the the session today. You do NOT have to complete an entire lesson plan or even create any artifact using this technology. Your goal is to merely come up with an idea of how to use this new piece of technology to transform the tech-less lesson so that is can help transform learning. To do this, I would like you to keep the concepts of Triple E, SAMR and ISTE student standards at the front of your mind. I would like you to build on previous uses of technology and make it your goal to come up with an idea that uses technology in a MODIFYING or REDEFINING manner. Also attempt to align this lesson to at least 3 of the 7 ISTE student standards. You will have to do something with this in the next activity, so you might as well do it know. I have linked the ISTE student standards, an example of an activity and how it was aligned, as well as a video which may help with the alignment.

Once you have come up with an idea, I would like you to go back to the StormBoard and post a note briefly describing the lesson and the technology you have chosen. I would also like you to describe how the use of this technology will help you transform this lesson into a different type of learning for your students. Make sure to put these posts in the second column on our StormBoard.


Stormboard Feedback

Visit the class StormBoard look at another participant's newly modified lesson, then provide feedback on their lesson.  Make sure to provide information on things that could be improved, things that might need more thought, things that sound great and also give them information on which standards you think they covered.  You can do this by clicking the little comment bubble on their sticky note.  You can also create other stickys to give them resources that could help them with their new lesson.