Forankra Cargo Securing Training 2.0

The Forankra Cargo Securing Web Training is built up by part A-G and followed by a test and an evaluation of the course. Each part, except for the final one, begins with information about a specific area and ends with one multiple choice question. The question can be answered with the information from the same part. This question must be answered correctly before it is possible to continue to the next part. The question can be answered unlimited number of times.


After all the parts are finished the examination part is a test with 20 multiple choice questions. To pass the course it is necessary to answer 75 % correctly. It is possible to redo the test if not enough questions are answered correctly. To follow how the test is going check to the top right on the screen where the score is showed, each correctly answered question is one point. Before the web training is finished there is a short evaluation to give feedback of the course. While returning from the evaluation it is possible to download a personal diploma for completing the course successfully.


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A. Cargo Securing in General

Cargo Securing in General

Cargo Securing in General A

Cargo Securing in General B

Cargo Securing in General C

Consequences of insufficient Cargo Securing

Cargo Securing in General D

Question part A

When does the most common accident occur caused by insufficient cargo securing?

  • During a road transport
  • During a rail transport
  • During a sea transport
  • At loading and unloading activities

B. Cargo Securing Transport Units (CTU)

Cargo Securing Transport Units A