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Understanding Collaborative Technologies

Issues surrounding collaborative technologies


Collaborative Technology is GREAT! But there are a few issues....

There is a risk of vandalism and quality issues because of their free from nature and the lack of control over their content (copyright/ authorship)

Rely on internet connection and  compatible systems to enhance immediate interaction. 

Time differences may be a problem for people living in different countries that are working collaboratively.

What do Collaborative technologies rely on?

  • everyone having compatible systems and good internet connection.

Are there any issues surrounding collaborative technologies?

  • There are absolutely no issues surrounding collaborative technologies. None whatsoever.

The lack of control over content stemming from their free form means

  • There is a risk of vandalism and exposure to indecent images.
  • There is a risk of chicken hats becoming the next big trend.

Social Media

Facebook & Twitter are they collaborative technologies for the workplace?

  • No - Try Padlet
  • Yes - Get off twitter your at work!!

Can you see a time when Facebook will have a place in work?

  • the site needs burning.
  • wrong, get back to work dufus!

Positive aspects of collaborative technologies

Collaborative technologies allows large or small groups of people to work remotley.

With collaborative you can have video calls with multiple people all around the .

Using collaborative technology for remote working has been able to happen because of vast improvement in computing technology, internet and the massive uptake in tablets & smartphones. DISCUSS AMONG YOUR GROUP IF YOU AGREE TO THIS STATEMENT.

improvement in technology

as you can clearly see, the steady improvement in technology, that has happened for this technology to be a success.

All around the world

as you can see in this image, this amazing and cutting edge technology allows 5 laptops to connect to every continent on planet earth.

Do you think you will be using collaborative technologies in your role at the BBC?


So from what you've learnt so far, see if you can fill in the blanks of this set of collaborative technology guidelines.

  • communicate
  • respect
  • initials
  • equal

How to mitigate RISK

How do organizations balance the business value of collaboration and virtualization with the reality of risk management and compliance?

how can BBC manage the risk when thousands of employee portals are cropping up without any checks and balances? With company sensitive documents being shared, what controls are in place to ensure people only with proper access can view such information?

Different Collaborative Tools

There are three main types of collaboration softwarent