Setting an appointment

In this course you will learn to create appointments with Google calendar.

Ways to Create Appointments


Please ensure you have valid and working google account, if you do not have currently please register an account at Registration takes only a few minutes.

Quick Add

You can use the quick add option to create an appointment, on clicking the Quick Add option you can add a quick description. The meeting details show up and you can modify them as per your requirements. You can also add guests and set different color to identify the appointment.

Using the Create Button

Clicking on the Create button also shows the appointment details and you can modify as per your requirements.

Add Directly

You can directly select a time slot and add an appointment for the selected time slot, in case you want to modify the details, use Edit event.

Select Multiple Slots

Its also possible to select multiple time slots for an appointment.

Keyboard Shortcuts

All options are available with Keyboard shortcuts, press CTRL+? to view them.