First Call Resolution Policy

July 26, 2016


From July 26th, 2016 and beyond, our call center has been implementing a new FCR policy. The policy will be enforced by the QACC as well as Management and is as follows;

  1. All calls coming into the call center will be assigned to the first agent who takes the call. They will continue to have ownership of the call until they are no longer able to assist the customer or at which time as the customer’s reason for calling is resolved.
  2. No customers will be sent ‘into the branch’ to have a part looked up unless it is distinctly necessary and the assigned agent has exhausted all other options. For example, if a customer has the part out of the machine but is unable to explain where the part goes on their model, they can be sent to the store with model and part to help with a lookup. Sending the customer in should be a last resort for a lookup.
  3. Managers and Team Leads will make themselves available and accessible for help/questions so that agents may assist customers in a timely manner.
  4. All call-backs and emails will be completed during the assigned agent’s scheduled time.
  5. If the agent has not resolved the reason for calling and will be out of office, the agent will share all information with a team lead and the request will be shared with an additional agent to cover in their absence at the TL’s discretion.
  6. At any point if an agent ‘passes the buck’ or purposely pushes off a call to someone when they could have fielded it themselves (ex. Passing a customer to shipping when tracking is available in ASW) will be coached and receive a warning if it becomes a regular occurrence.

Example: If a customer calls and asks for a specific agent, that's fine. But if a customer calls in saying there is an issue (wrong part, etc) on their order, do NOT send them back to the original call taker. Take care of that call yourself.


Any questions or concerns can be sent in confidence to the QACC at [email protected].



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