THHS Mandatory Training

This module is an overview of the new THHS Mandatory Training for All Staff policy and matrix and has been designed to provide you with everything you need to know to achieve and maintain compliance.

THHS Mandatory Training for All Staff

A healthy North Queensland

The requirement for staff to complete THHS mandatory training reflects the HHS' commitment to ensuring employees appointed to new positions receive information that is appropriate to their needs, and to assist them to become effective members of the organisation.

The THHS Mandatory Training for All Staff policy provides guidance on orientation, induction and mandatory training for staff which:

  • Welcomes employees as valued new staff members;
  • Ensures that there is a clear understanding of the job, as defined in the role; description, and how duties are carried out with safe work practices to avoid the possibility of injury to the employee or others;
  • Helps employees understand their part in the working of the whole organisation, including expected behaviours and responsibilities;
  • Explains the principle goals and functions of Townsville Hospital and Health Service and the communities it serves.

The policy

Topics in the Mandatory Training for All Staff policy provide training and awareness to staff which has been mandated by:

  • legislation or regulation
  • Department of Health directive
  • HHS Board directive.

Answer true or false to the following statements

  • This policy helps maintain compliance with legal requirements.
  • I am a casual worker so I don't have to pay any attention to this policy.

Components of the policy

The following components make up the policy:

  1.  Orientation
  2.  Workplace Induction
  3.  Mandatory training for all staff
  4.  Profession and role specific mandatory training

1. An orientation to the HHS

An orientation to the HHS is designed to welcome new staff and familiarise them with the Townsville HHS.  Key work health and safety information is discussed, and typically covers the following topics:

Executive meet and greet Local operating context
THHS vision and values Introduction to WHS
Strategic direction Person Centred Care
Structure and function Cultural diversity awareness
Payroll and HR information  


2. Workplace Induction

The purpose of a workplace induction is to welcome and familiarise staff with the facility, work unit and working environment, plus enables staff to develop an understanding of the key requirements of working in the local healthcare setting.

Use the workplace induction checklist, shown below, to guide the induction process and ensure all components are covered. 

3. Mandatory training for all staff

These are the training topics which must be completed by all staff, regardless of their role.

4. Profession and role specific mandatory requirements will be released soon.  These requirements will outline mandatory training topics which apply to a particular profession or role. 

Compliance calculations

The THHS reports on its compliance with mandated requirements.  To determine compliance, all staff who are considered 'operationally active' are included in the calculation.  This means that staff on maternity/parental leave, long service leave, work cover or other long term leave may be excluded from the compliance calculation for the period of their leave.  These staff will return to the active count upon their return to work, and will be obligated to maintain compliance as usual.

Check your understanding of the new policy

  • I am a new administration officer (AO). I must complete...
    ... all training listed on the 'THHS Mandatory Training for All Staff' matrix.
  • I just started working part time as an enrolled nurse. I must complete...
    ...all training listed on the 'THHS Mandatory Training for All Staff' matrix plus all training for ENs in the 'Profession and Role Specific Mandatory Training' matrix'.
  • Communication Foundation Skills...
    ... is not training which is mandated by legislation or directive.
  • The online module of Ethics, Integrity and Accountability... training which is mandated by legislation or directive.

A healthy North Queensland

Thank you for working through this module.  We hope it has given you a better understanding of the new policy and mandatory training matrix.  If you have any queries, please talk to your line manager or contact Organisational Capability and Learning.

We look forward to working with you to achieve compliance in the workforce that delivers outstanding services to a create a healthy North Queensland.

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View the matrix here. (insert link)

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