FellowshipOne Champion Certification

Congratulations on completing the FellowshipOne Champion Certification course. There is just one final step needed to become a FellowshipOne Certified Champion. You will have three (3) attempts to complete the exam with a 70% minimum score.  Upon passing, you will receive a certificate and a promotional code for upcoming training and events. Are you ready? Let's go!

Understanding Processes

Fill in the blank.

The Systems Trinity is made up of three (3) components: People, and Technology.

Match the following reasons for documenting processes.

  • Documented processes improve
    communication between ministries
  • Documented processes create
    comfort in transition for visitors
  • Documented processes help to close
    the back door to avoid losing visitors before you've met them.

True OR False?

  • Metrics, activities, systems and identity are all parts of the Values Triangle.

Fill in the blank.

Return on Ministry is the of a ministry in relation to the it utilizes

True or False?

  • The three (3) E's of Metrics are: Economy, Efficiency & Energy.

Fill in the blank.

The Balanced Score Card is composed of the quadrants that make up a healthy church. They are Operations, Outreach, Community and .

True OR False?

  • Consistency is not an important component when creating processes.

Three (3) important characteristics of a good process are...

  • easy, peasy, pleasy
  • sequential, simple, time-sensitive
  • complex, random, relatable
  • simple, repeatable, random

Fill in the blank.

The procedure of a process is a continuous cycle that includes the following steps: , Document, Communicate, Implement, and Evaluate.

Match the following definitions:

  • To make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone.
  • The process during which the changes of a system are implemented in a controlled manner by following a predefined framework.
    Change Management

True OR False?

  • A process is a systematic series of actions directed to some end.

FellowshipOne Portal

Fill in the blank.

   are defined as steps in your church to become more engaged, involved and invested in the church.

An example of a spiritual decisions is.... (Check all that apply.)

  • New Believer
  • Baptism
  • Decision to Serve
  • Decision to Tithe/Give

True OR False?

  • Contact Management and Attributes are both used to track spiritual decisions in FellowshipOne.

What core report gives details on the efficiency of the first time visitor follow-up process provided by the staff or ministry leaders?

  • M1211: Core Attendance Records
  • P9400: Core People Records
  • M1300: Core Attendance Totals Summary
  • M4010: Core Contact and Note Summary

How can you identify First Time Visitors at a church? (Check all that apply.)

  • Engage them from the website
  • Use contact cards during worship service
  • Follow everyone you have never seen before
  • Use check-in throughout your campus
  • Monitor the parking lot

The first step in tracking activity attendance is to...

  • Rename the activity
  • Assign participants
  • Report on event
  • Identify the activity
  • Check-in staff members

True OR False?

  • An activity must be built in FellowshipOne to use the check-in application.

Match the following reports:

  • M1211: Core Attendance Records
    reporting individual attendance
  • M1300: Core Attendance Totals Summary
    reporting attendance metrics
  • A6500: Core Inactive People
    reporting who is inactive in your church
  • G1050: Core Giving Reports
    reporting who gave for the first time
  • P9400: Core People Records
    reporting the status of an individual
  • M7060: Core Group Records
    reporting small group prospects
  • M3820: Core Volunteer Pipeline Records
    reporting to check for bottlenecks in the volunteer pipeline

Fill in the blank.

An individual's status should describe their  with the church.

True OR False?

  • It is not required to set an individual's status when creating a new people record.
  • It is not important to carefully define each status used by your church so that all staff members are applying it the same way.

True OR False?

  • Before we can determine who our inactive members are, we must first understand what defines an active member of our church.
  • The A6500: Core Inactive People report is able to simultaneously consider attendance, giving, assignments, contacts and notes when looking for inactive individuals.

Match the following definitions:

  • Group Type
    A set of rules, permissions and views that define the behavior for groups
  • Search Category
    A combination of standard and custom fields that allow people to search for specific groups
  • Custom Fields
    Helpful if you need for people to search for groups using information outside of the standard fields of campus, marital status, gender or age

True OR False?

  • Since the group type governs permissions and rules, you will never need more than one type.
  • Custom fields are not required, as you can combine more than one or more standard fields.
  • If the prospect does not already have an InFellowship account, they must create one to join the group.

Arrange the steps below in the correct order.

  • Create Group Type
  • Publish Groups
  • Create Search Categories
  • Turn on Groups Features and Market Groups

Fill in the blank.

The concept of group mentors/coaches is called in FellowshipOne.

Reasons for low utilization of FellowshipOne include: (Check all that apply.)

  • Staff turnover and inconsistent training
  • No Champion Team
  • Lack of process
  • Resistance to change

Fill in the blank.

Recurring costs, indirect costs, and personnel costs are all part of the  for technology.

The quality of correctness, completeness, wholeness, soundness and compliance with the intention of the creator s of the data.” This is the definition of...

  • Data Integrity
  • Data Compliance
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Validation

True OR False?

  • The quality of reporting is only as good as the quality of data that is entered into FellowshipOne.
  • It is not important to make sure that your church is using a central database to store information that can the be exported from reports.

Each job needs to include the proper.....

  • Assignments
  • Requirements
  • Confirmation Message
  • Status

The two main contribution entry methods used in the FellowshipOne system are by using the contributions application and by

  • Manual Entry
  • Faxing
  • Telekenesis
  • Photosynthesis