Footwear Basics

Welcome to the Footwear Basics Review!  This course will highlight important information about our footwear and details to help you sell.

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Elegant Innovation

What are we known for and what do our styles reflect?

We are known for Elegant  and we compete against both and fashion brands.  Our styles reflect a collision of and modernity.

Shoe Anatomy and Styles

Learn about shoe anatomy and the details that highlight Elegant Innovation

  • Gentleman's Cut
    The small nick on the inside heel of the shoe.
  • Toebox
    Depending on the shape, your customer may go up or down a size.
  • Vamp
    An important fit detail on men's oxfords.
  • Heel Height
    Determined in millimeters.

Test your shoe style knowledge!

  • Chukka boots should fit more snug than any other style
  • Drivers should fit more snug than any other style
  • Grand.OS delivers flexibility, cushioning and is incredibly lightweight and breathable
  • All shoe styles will always fit true-to-size

Fit Details (copy)

Why Are Fit Sessions So Important?

  • Because they are a requirement of all Cole Haan employees
  • They allow you to guide customers to their correct size since you'll know how every product fits

Product Care Tips

Learn About Product Care And Test Your Knowledge

  • Neutral shoe cream
    For any items that do not have a matching colored shoe cream.
  • "Brush first, then use the bar" applies to what type of footwear?
    Suede products.
  • These can add years of life to your shoes and absorb the extra moisture from your feet.
    Shoe Trees.
  • This helps to waterproof your shoes and keep stains away.
    Protectant Spray.


Glossary Of Terms