Accessing Master Classes

How to access KEO Master Classes


KEO has started creating a series of what are called Master Classes. 

Master Classes are videos of our own in-house Subject Matter Experts, talking about topics in their specialized field.

They aim to give you an introduction to a particular topic, by outlining some of the key concepts, showing you some examples or discussing some of the issues. They also give you a chance to know a little bit about the presenter, who can help you further on this topic.

So let's see where you go to view these videos.

Finding the Site

If you work in an office with the main KEO Network access, then you will start on the KEO Home Page of the intranet.

Here you will click on the Learning Hub icon, located on the left hand side of the screen. See the red circled area in the image below.

If you are outside the network, for example on a project site or working from your home computer, then type in the following address, to access the Login Page of the Learning Hub:

Getting Started with the Learning Hub

When you access the Learning Hub you will land on the Login Page, as shown below.

If you have already registered, then you can simply login using your email address and the password you have previously set.

If this is your first time to the site, then click the Register Button and set up your details.
Please find a way to remember your password, or save it for that computer, to allow easy access in the future.

Learning Hub

So you have registered or logged in and now you are on the Learning Hub Homepage.
You can see 5 icons representing the various resources you can access on this page. Master Classes is the first one on the left.

Just to let you know what else is here, you can access:

  • The Training Plan under Courses.
  • Your Profile, allows you to edit your registration details.
  • Resources lists a range of management books etc. that you can borrow.
  • e-books are online books on general management topics, that you can read.

Master Class Access

Once you have clicked on the Master Class icon, you will reach this landing page.
Now you can select the Master Class you wish to view.

We are continuing to add to this selection all the time, so if you are interested in making a Master Class you think will help your colleagues, please contact the Learning and Development Team.

Try this quick quiz!

  • Master Classes
  • KEO Training Plan
  • L&D Policies
  • e-Books
  • Books for borrowing
  • Learning & Development Team
  • Details of course content
  • Training Community of Practice

What will you find on the Learning Hub?
Click as many boxes as you think are correct.

Steps to Access a Master Class Video

  • Locate the Learning Hub
  • Register or Login
  • Click on the Master Class icon
  • Select the Master Class video
Click on each item and drag it to create the correct order of steps, to access the Master Class videos.