Figurative Language

Figurative Language part 1

Figurative Language

 Please watch this video about figurative language. 

The video used personification with the moon. Write a sentence personifying a tree.


Giving objects (or animals) human characteristics. "The moon smiled on the city."

The video demonstrated irony with "soft as iron". Write an ironic phrase.


The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

How does the rap use allusion?


A reference to another work or historical event, such as the Bible or mythology.

  • dolphins in '72
  • literal lines that block his way
  • the crowd's buzzing
  • his life is a highway

Fill in the blanks

"Boneheads that bring beef" was an example of and "he seems the least beat in any season" was an example of . "You will be amazed by every phrase" is an example of 

What do you think the rap means by "life is a highway"?


Direct comparison between two unlike things. It does not use the words like or as.

Figurative Language part 2

"The Sea" by James Reeves

This poem uses a variety of figurative language

As you read this poem, try to identify the figurative language. 

Find an example of alliteration. Write the phrase here.

Find an example of repetition. Write the example here.

Find an example of personification. Write the line here.

What other examples of figurative language can you find? Find at least 2 more. Write the term and then the example. i.e. personification: the toys slept through the night

What two things are being compared in this poem?

Extended Metaphor

When a metaphor is continued to add description.