How to use your Cisco Phone

This Course will give you a few tips about managing features on your Cisco Phone:

How to reset the phone

Instructions on Phone rebooting

  • Go to the settings page of the phone


  • Press *,*,#,*,* (star, star, pound, star, star) about 1/2 second apart

  • The phone will display “Resetting” and perform a hard reset


    This sequence will cause the phone to reboot as if the power cable had been unplugged and force it to pull a new configuration from CUCM.  Once common issue I find when entering this code is the keypresses not registering with the phone.  Try it a couple of times until you develop a rhythm for entering it about 1/2 second apart.  Much more than that and the phone won’t think you’re entering the code.  Quicker than that and the keys might not all register.

What is the button you need to press first?    Please select the correct image below

There is a set of keys you need to press in a specific order. What are these keys? Please fill the blanks and choose the correct options below:

After using the "Settings" key, you need to press some symbol keys. These are: 

How to look for a colleague

Looking for a colleague in you Cisco phone's directory

To effectively find a person into your Cisco phone’s directory; follow the instructions in the indicated sequence:

  1. Use the directory key to switch to Directories screen.

  2. Use the navigation selector to move down on the options until Corporate Directory is selected.

  3. Use the “Select” option to initiate the Directory Search.

  4. Enter part of the Name or Last Name to find and select “Search”


Please respond True or False about where you start when searching into your Cisco phone's directory

  • It is necessary to reboot the phone to load directory content.
  • You use the Directory key to switch to Directories screen

How to make an international call to Mexico City

How to make an international call to Mexico City

Dial 8

Then dial 011 - is the international prefix used to dial somewhere outside of USA.

Then 52 - is the international code used to dial to Mexico.

Then 55 - is the local area or city code used to dial to Mexico City.

Then, the phone number e.g.: 8- 011 52 55 91989925

What is the international prefix used to dial outside of USA?

  • 52
  • 088
  • 011
  • 571



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