quiz for safety


Test Your Knowledge

Most back injuries at work are caused by

Read each question carefully and choose the most correct answer by completely filling in the circle next to answer

  • Automobile accidents
  • improper lifting
  • weak muscles

when carrying material it should be held

  • overhead
  • at arms length
  • low and close the body

when carrying a things i should

  • be able to see my path of travel
  • steady the load with my chin
  • take long firm steps

when lifting material or things, i should not

  • look directly ahead
  • twist at the waist
  • wear shoes

if a load is too bulky, i should

  • use a back belt
  • get from the others
  • ask for more time to move it

the best exercise i can do to keep my back in shape is

  • to lifts for 30 minutes
  • daily 20 minute brisk walks
  • use ankle weights

if i am unsure how to move some material i should

  • ask a co-worker
  • try different ways of doing it
  • ask my supervisor

if a very heavy box contains several items, you should

  • push it across the floor
  • carry it on your backs
  • carry each item separately

when preparing to lift you should

  • keep a straight back and bend the knees
  • see if anyone can help you
  • lock knees and bend the knees

after grasping a load you should lift by

  • rising rapidly
  • using your back muscles
  • using your legs